I have found an interesting article from  Nature neuroscience and the subject of the article was the “Brain Adapts to Dishonesty” , I  was scrolling through Since Open website ,looking for researches about neuro plasticity and came along this article ,short article but I would say eye opening ,at least for me , I have always been wondering about whether a lie and dishonesty are exactly the same things and I think they actually can be taken as such ,for a very long time I have been thinking that only because I don’t lie about the certain situation it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m being honest, many times I have been withdrawing the information which I thought are not important ,yet deep down I knew they could change a lot in certain situation. I still cant grasp my head around it and whatever to think that not telling the full story is lie or dishonesty but I’m sure that everyone will have different perspective on that subject ,  sometimes we say to ourselves that we didn’t lie but from the other end we didn’t speak up honestly and we hidden certain facts from others ,so in my opinion it can be treated as a lie , white lie ? I have no idea how to think of it , I myself many times didn’t go with the full explanation because I thought it would be an unnecessary in those circumstances ,but thinking about it now ,makes me realise that not saying everything means you are trying to hide something from others and make them believes things without you actually correcting them if you know they wrong about the thing they implement .

In this article I read, they stated that “dishonesty is an integral part of our social world “, and that “Behaviourally, we show that the extent to which participants engage in self-serving dishonesty increase with repetition”

So from my point of view the fact that we are not fully honest or that we would not correct others if we know something to be true or not , we are creating a lie ,thinking that it is just a small act of dishonesty or lets say not telling some parts of the story ,then the story remain a lie in other person perspective ,no matter if the other person is aware of it or not ,we are the ones who create dishonest circumstances .

Life examples, we can give plenty but lets say there is a married couple and after 20 years of being together ,the wife decide to split up from her husband ,she don’t find him supportive  and she says that she want  more from life ,the husband on the other hand is constantly trying to please his wife and do everything he can in his power to make sure she feel loved , the wife however have met someone and is entertaining the other person ,hence the idea of divorce ,but in this case we can see that there is both a dishonesty and a lie , wife is dishonest ,I can only think in that case it is because she don’t want to hurt her husband, and she don’t want him to find out about her seeing someone else ,but on the other hand ,she is telling a lie about her life where she doesn’t feel appreciated in her marriage , however the guilt and fear  of being caught on seeing someone else is bigger that the guilt of putting someone in the state of mind that they haven’t done enough in the marriage ,in this case her husband , that  brings me to the conclusion ,that no matter what we say or do ,all we care about is how others will see us ,nobody wants to be a bad guy ,the one who broke off the marriage, but why do we have to put ourselves in the position of the victim while in reality we know we are not telling the whole story ,even to ourselves quite often .

I hope it will make some sense, stay healthy, safe and till the next time x

The article can be found on – research and publishing network.

Authors of the article mentioned above; Neil Garrett, Stephanie C. Lazzaro, Dan Ariely, Tali Sharon

Written by Honorata Czestochowska

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