Am I God ?

It is truly amazing how our mind works . We are easily able to “predict” aka manifest the things we don’t want ,but when it comes to our deepest desires , we lack faith and think it’s too good to be true . There is no difference if you want bad or good , poor or rich , ill or healthy ,as long as you assume yourself to be one or another ,thats what you are becoming.

God ,consciousness, is within us. We should practice trusting God ,who is your consciousness ,there is nothing outside of us to look for . You have all the answers . You can be anything you desire to be, but you have to look within and claim it . You don’t need to beg God to bring you good and richness and health. By affirming I am healthy, that’s what you are, and the same comes with affirming for other things ,you must claim ,that what you want is already yours .

Many will not understand, more yet ,will think is inappropriate to claim yourself to be a God ,yet thats what the Bible is telling us ,and we know that Bible is symbolic and everything to be understood, must be not only read ,we can’t read the Bible and take it as it is , everything has its meaning . I feel like many people would benefit from actually understanding what Bible is trying to deliver in order for us to live the life ,we all dream of .


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