How to keep the faith in the unseen?

I think its not easy to do that, until you fully realise, that you are the one, that is making the rules.

Once you start believing that you have all the power, necessary to realise your deepest desires, you are a step closer. You need to know, that nobody can do it but you, you are the operant power, your thinking is making, everything come true. I know many people are still going to say, that this kind of thinking is delusional, that you are giving yourself a fake hope, but nothing about it is fake.

The truth is, you and only you decide, what you will get from life. I know its hard at times, because even though, you will work on being aware of what you are thinking, opposing thoughts, will try to come and destroy and put you back in you place, that place is your old self, but we need to fight it, never agree with statements, that doesn’t bring us what we want. If you want to cry about it, cry but don’t forget to affirm the thing you want or change the narrative.

I think sometimes, actually quite often, we put so much pressure on ourselves, we think that everything has to happen instantly, for us to believe that we actually made it. but its not how it works, some things, will come instantly and others will need some time, but it’s always the right time. you should not put yourself down, instead of victimising the circumstances and people and yourself, flip the script to you advantage. You have one life, and you should know, that you can live it, the way you want. There is nothing wrong with wanting money, love, relationship, material things etc, it’s all here for us to use and enjoy.

Written by Honorata Czestochowska

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