My Journey – if I only knew …

Change isn’t always easy . You need to start working on yourself , start noticing your triggers , patters . You are pushing yourself to your limits ,even when you know it will hurt like hell. It takes you weeks if not months, usually even years ,to learn more about yourself , you go through it ,in hope that it will help you to better yourself and your life. There are times ,when you are all alone ,questioning if that was the road you should take,but now ,there is no way back ,you cry alone ,spend most of your time alone . Feel like you cant share anything you are going through with other people, who seem to live normal life because yours isn’t that normal anymore.

You start to lose interest in drama ,people, situations and in overall in everything. After some time you start ti understand that it is necessary to speak up and make connections, there you go and try your best ti again fit in ,ir at least to be where you used to be before, even when you don’t relate anymore. You try and try, you work mainly on your own understanding and your own feelings, you don’t want to he who you were ,person who is easily manipulated or triggered . But now people start seeing that you dont react and all of the sudden you are called “robot ” and you changed for worse, in their opinion. All that because you dont let your bad feelings run your life anymore.

Feeling kind of sad ,but i think i have made a move in mu journey. Stay safe xoxo

Written by Honorata Czestochowska

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