The Present Moment

Let me tell you in a few words, how important it is to practice and master the present moment which we also call eternal now.

If you ever been wanting to heal yourself, your body, create new experiences which would go beyond your imagination, then mastering the present moment, is where you should start.

Most people will understand the basic idea of what it is to be in the present moment, they know that they must be now and here, and not to think about the past or future. In the Becoming Supernatural, we are given a completely different concept of how to practice that.

“it’s going to require that you get beyond the physical world- including your body, your identity, and your environment- and even beyond time itself.”

We are told that by using this concept, we will be turning possibility into reality, and for me that statement, makes me want to practice that even more.

You will have to get out of your own way, we need to transcend the memory we hold of ourselves as an identity, and allow to be taken over by mystical experience, something much greater than you.

Our mind is a record of all your experiences, and what you have learned in the past.

Our experience creates emotions and also, they enhance brain circuity.

The stronger the emotions are in certain situations and events, the stronger the experience it leaves in your brain, if we keep maintaining those emotions, we will create a connection, and so with repetition of a thought, choice and behaviour, neurons fire and wire together and they will sustain a long-term relationship.

Source of information – Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Honorata Czestochowska

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