#1 Becoming Supernatural – Book Review

Today I’d love to show you and talk a little bit about the books which has helped me, while going through my journey .

In short I’ll introduce the ones I love the most and which gave me the most of knowledge and understanding. I have read them multiple times ,and each time I get more from them ,or should I say my understanding deeper.

Today I will start with Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

  • Becoming Supernatural is one of my favourite ones , I have read this one many times and each time I see more and more , at first when I bought this book , I have thought ,its not for me , I need something more spiritual , so in overall I just forced myself to meditate daily and always have put myself in the lack mindset ,hoping that by meditation I will be able to bring something back into my life . that wasn’t really the drive I should have ,I have been always focusing on someone else, and trying to change someone else ,instead of changing the way I am. Thankfully with the time I understood more ,and thanks to other books I also deepened my believe that I’m the one who runs this mind of mine . So at this moment I’m practicing mindfulness meditation to change the way I’m and not expecting anything outside of me to change in order to be happy and loved. This book had a huge impact on my self love journey, I start to see changes and the feelings I get from meditations are truly amazing , I don’t have lack mindset anymore when I sit to my meditation , I always put the focus on me and on who I want to be ,not like before ,when always some else was a priority. It also shows how important it is , to never give up on yourself. I highly recommend if you haven’t yet , to read or listen to this book ,because it will wide open your eyes on endless possibilities ,which are all within you. Meditations provided in this book are very impactful ,and I’m sure they will help many people ,there is also Mind movie meditation with the use of kaleidoscope , which will put you in the trance ,so you will neurologically map new input from your mind movie. Another great one is walking meditation , this one is to train your body to stay in the feeling even after your meditation , you will start to be more present and less responsive for longer, you know that feeling after you finish your meditation , your heart is open and you just feel amazing , we want to keep it that way for as long as possible ,and walking meditation is giving us this possibility. There is so many other things to mention, like the stories of people who have become Supernatural by practicing meditation ,and I would advise anyone to read this book and at least try to give it a go.

Honorata Czestochowska

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