Lesson learnt

I’m thinking lately , where did I went wrong. Choices I have made in my previous relationships make me feel like ,I have let the other person control the way I feel . Everything I was doing , wanting, begging for , was nothing but breadcrumbs…. I have let the other person dictate the pace we are moving, I let them disappear and then let them back in …just like nothing would happen , without explanation, I don’t even care anymore about apologies because ,they clearly knew what they were doing .

I know there is a pattern in that , pattern which I don’t want to follow anymore . I want to feel the love ,and give the love to someone ,who will appreciate it .

I don’t feel heartbroken anymore , but now while i think about it , I just feel sad … sad that I didn’t know my worth and that I have let all this shit make me feel small …

However I have learned very important lesson … First you need to love yourself, be happy with yourself, be who you truly feel you are and don’t be ashamed of yourself.

There is no room for judgment, jealousy and hatered in my heart. Stay true to yourself and trust that everything will work out perfectly as you wish 💫

Love and light ✨ 💛

Honorata Czestochowska

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