Genetic Changes

We used to think that we are at the mercy of our DNA, that genes created disease. We assumed that if someone in our family havw died of heart disease, then we have pretty hight chance of also developing heart disease.

But Science of Epigenetic tells us that it’s not the gene that creates disease but the environment, which is programming our genes to create disease. It is both internal and external environment which creates it .

External environment -cigarettes smoke or pesticides .

Internal environment- the one outside our cells. By saying internal, which is also called within our body, I mean emotions which are chemical feedbacks, the end product is experience we have in our external environment, that produce the emotions. Internal chemistry can signal genes to either turn on or turn off.

Turn on – up – regulating or producing an increased expression of the gene.

Turn off – down- regulating ,or producing a decreased expression of the gene.

Gene itself doesn’t physically change, the expression of the gene changes, and that expression is what matter the most ,because it affects our health and lives.

Honorata Czestochowska

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