You Are Unique

If you can be a light , a peaceful place for someone else . Someone who don’t need no explanation and just is there for the other one . Someone who doesn’t feel the need to tell their story ,when someone is sharing theirs ,but just listen and understand, then please don’t ever change . World need people like you .

Everyday we should be guided by love and trust . If we do good by heart ,we have nothing to worry about . Our good intentions is what matter. Sometimes things will not workout they way,you would want them too ,but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

At the end what matters is our heart and the love we share with others , and the way you share it ,is unique and special in every way.

There is no two the same people in this world , we are all different and unique by nature . I want whoever is reading this to remember, that by giving love ,you also open yourself to receive it . And no matter how harsh and hard you are on yourself, I know many people who can’t even think ,of thinking about themselves in a positive, good way . You need to know that you are worth the love , you are lovable , you deserve the happiness and joy . The only thing which is stopping you from getting it ,is your own self and that is something you can work on ❤💫

Honorata Czestochowska

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