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Just yesterday I felt like everything is crumbling down on me … but today ,well since late afternoon, I have got so much energy! I feel so good and I hasn’t felt that way in nearly two weeks ! It blows my mind ,how sudden them changes are ! I’m beyond grateful however, that my bad days happens not often as I really don’t like to go through them .

Today I feel like I’m new born ,some magic got in me and I feel more alive than ever . It only proves the point ,that we should never give up on ourselves and better days are sure yet to come ,because after storm there always comes rainbow and sun 🌞 and today I have sun all within me .

Please never give up on yourself and be sure that whatever storms are in your life right now , they too shall pass . 🙏

Everything can change within seconds, just know and trust 💫❤🐞

Love and light ✨ 💛


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