I really wish i could write something proper or encouraging today but honestly, I have been feeling like a little piece of S*** today .

Emotions running WILD ! I MEAN WILD AS HECK !

One second I’m happy and another I’m sad , then again I question everything i have ever done .

Just to talk myself out of it and to be understanding… just TO ! Blame myself for everything again.

I really dont know which planet is f with me right now but honestly I don’t like that.

Screaming at the top of my lungs in the car after work did help me for few minutes…

Something ain’t right with this for sure . I’m literally so sick and tired of myself today .

I know how important it is to feel your emotions, but I’m not even in the slightest sure , why all of the sudden its all coming up at me . Like everything at once !

There is one hope however. In times like this I just love to disappear. I said it’s a hope , but Is it really? Running away and not dealing with everything around me … I guess it’s a bad idea .

I don’t wanna go round in circles and repeat same things over and over .

I’m literally so fed up with myself i could sell myself a punch in the face .

Well that idea actually made me giggle so maybe that’s something I should consider 😂

I really hope you dealing well and stay happy 🤍

A bad day is not the end of the world. But it can be end of my sanity 😬 ( JK)

Love H .

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