Seek Happiness

What does that phrase “seek happiness ” mean ?

In todays world , people think of happiness as doing and experiencing things ,they enjoy.

Perhaps happiness would involve , eating your favourite food , going out with your friends , exotic holidays , buying new bag you always dreamt of and such things ,which would bring you the joy in the moment ,like reading a book curled up in bed.

All of those are certainly an ingredients of a good life as stated by Aristotle , but he did not believe that it is the best way to live life by going out and seeking pleasure in these ways.

In his view that would not be a good life , we might feel like those things bring us happiness , but is it a happiness or some sort of pleasant sensation?

We are used to think that happiness is about how we feel and nothing more !.

Think of a flower. If you water it, give it enough light ,maybe feed it a little, then it will grow and bloom. If you neglect it ,keep it in the dark, let insects nibble its leaves, allow it to dry out, it will wilt and die ,or at best end up as a very unattractive plant. Human being can flourish like plants too, though unlike plants we make choice for our self! We decide what we want to do and be .

From Aristotle perspective , happiness is the sense of overall achievement in life, and what can be affected by others you care about , which shows that events outside your control and knowledge affect that. He also believed that whether you are happy or not depends partly on good luck.

The main question ,we might ask is What can we do to increase our chance of happiness? and Aristotle answer to that question is Develop the right kind of character.! by feeling the right kind of emotions at the right time ,you will be led to behave well.

Good patterns and behaviours are virtues; bad ones are vices.

— Aristotle

Honorata Czestochowska
Honorata Czestochowska

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