I have been thinking how badly I want to cry today… I was on the edge but somehow I could not cry …

Then I went to work and more and more pressure started to build up and boom ! Unexpected! I cried like a baby .

I didn’t really have a good reason to cry , it’s just them small things which build up over time .

In fact the last few weeks aren’t the easiest , somehow I can’t find the will to do anything, it just going downhill but today , shit really hit the fan and thankfully I was alone when it happened.

Writing this as I’m waiting to finish work and drive home.

I’m exhausted, my eyes are swollen from crying . Make up is a disaster, but in overall it was a good night if I have to be honest .

Sometimes it is good to have a proper cry ! It’s sort of therapeutic for me . The same with rain . Takes off my worries .

Wonderful Saturday to all of you x

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