Paris Here I Come 🌟

Okay okay I need to calm down !

I came here to brag ! I just booked a trip to Paris for myself!!!!!! I’m sooo excited and i literally feel like crying ! I know it might seems like not such a big of a deal for many , but for me it is dream come true !

I will go by myself! Which excites me even more 💥 i already booked flights ✈ and one things which is must see for me Louvre ! Everything’s paid and sorted !

The only thing left is to book hotel or Airbnb , I have found few which I like and they cost pretty decent amount, I forgot to mention I’ll be there for nearly 3 days ,which makes me super excited 💕

Any advice on what to see , where to go etc would be soo appreciated!

Maybe some of you have been staying in some nice place and can also recommend a stay ! That would be fantastic 😀

So far I have one thing planned to see i need to spend some time on planning as much as I can , so I’m able to see the most of the city!

I can’t wait to go there 💓 My heart is full of joy 💓

I have around 3 weeks to plan everything and then I’ll Welcome Paris !

I could not stop myself from posting, I apologise my excitement but since Rona i haven’t been anywhere so I’m triple excited!

Love Honorata xx

4 thoughts on “Paris Here I Come 🌟

  1. So exciting. You can stay a bit from the city center, just make sure your near a metro stop (should help with money savings.) Obviously visit Montemarte and the artist’s square (have a meal see them at work). I loved Paris. I would recommend a tour or visiting the old archways-there’s so much in these breezeways (I booked on airbnb) and the tour guide gave us a great restaurant review list for her favorites, which was tremendous in navigating the culinary scene. I’m so excited for you. We enjoyed our stay, please drink lots of wine and enjoy a cabaret while you are there, if that’s appealing. Cheers to you.


    • Omg thank you so much for your amazing and helpful comment 🤗🤗 I will definitely take ur advice 😊 wine 🍷 is a must and I’d love to see artists at work 😍


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