First of all…..

Have you ever wondered how it would be to live a life , where you are truly happy with life , content with yourself, when you forgave those who have wronged you and forget the past . Once and for good ?

If you answered yes to any of it…. then it’s definitely a good time to dive deep into your own soul . Shadow work is an amazing tool to see who you truly are , but also to diminish the false beliefs you have had about yourself and everything that is close to you.

Anyway….. one thing. No actually there is few things I’m so very proud of myself ….

First of all I quit smoking, fast and I never would even think it would be this easy 😶

Second I have cut ties with so called family. I don’t like being used in someone else’s games etc so few people from my closest circle is out for good and no i dont regret it , I feel at peace when I don’t have that negative energy around me.

Third is deleting all social media, truly relived after deleting them . I don’t even know why I started to build them in the first place …. I mean I know but I’m kind of ashamed of my motives . I’m sure happier now when I don’t use any of them.

So there is more but , all that started to happen after I started shadow work , so for now on it will stay for my own knowing only.

I feel like minding my own business was the most beneficial thing in 2022.

More of it for this year and years to come xx

Honorata 😘 🤗

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