Today’s Joy’s 🤎

Today is the day ! IG is gone for good ! Its crazy you gotta wait a month after you delete your account to make it go through, but finally today it happened 😊😇

Roblox plush 
Roblox game 
Cat bee
Deleted instagram 
Instagram off
Social media 
New life off from Social media
Cat bee 🐝

I’d never thought it would ever happen with me if I have to be honest … but you can be sure only of what thing … you know what is that thing? <wink> 💀

Anyway , it was long overdue ! And now I started to think of removing whatsapp as I barely even use it …. 😬

Life starts to be more pleasant once you get rid of the things , which hold you back and when you feel like something is taking your happiness away . Yes I know it is all my perception and assumption , but until its not changed and nothing can shake me , I’d rather stay away from certain ppl in my family and also from certain apps .

Here few photos of my today’s joys 😊

Basically all furniture etc will be gone just floors and walls will stay 🙃

Coffee break with my sis x

I wish you all wonderful evening 😘


8 thoughts on “Today’s Joy’s 🤎

  1. The only real constant in life is change. We can either choose it or have it thrust upon us, but change will occur. I applaud your choice to free yourself and find the joy of renewal in all aspects of your life. Shed those chains and fly free! 💖

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  2. 👌👌👌✒🌹 I was the first to get rid of my FB account, along with it and Messenger … followed by IG, WhatsUp, Viber, Shuterstock, Twiter, and I found that I had plenty of time to spend shooting. In addition, I can greet a lot of new interesting people every day … I wish You a beautiful day🌞🌷🌍

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  3. I never engaged in IG but I certainly understand I got rid of fb 7 years ago I’ve been as peace every since. Sometimes we have to do what’s right for ourselves. I salute 💪you & give you a big..👍 sending 🙏& 💕your way! Let me just say… You Go Gurl!!🤗

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