Emotional Intelligence

Knowing your emotions.

Being Self – aware and recognizing feelings when they arise is the key to emotional intelligence. The ability ,person have while controlling their feelings from one moment to another is crucial for our psychological insight and for self understanding . When we are able to notice our feelings, when we are aware of how and what kind of feelings arise at certain moments, we have the possibility to see the situation ,exactly as it is ,without being put into fight mode and all other reactions which usually would arise altogether with feeling . People who have a greater certainty about their feelings are able to pilot their lives much better ,because they have a sense of being sure of what decision they have to make . They feel like they know exactly , what decision they have to make ,whether it comes to personal life or business .

Managing Your Emotions

First thing to build self-awareness , is by controlling our feelings . Control of the way we feel is crucial ,because we must know how to use them appropriately. We will greatly benefit from learning the tactics of how to self sooth ourselves , get rid of anxiety and control our feelings . People who are not aware of the way they feel , and who let their feelings rule their life , are quite often battling distress ,while the ones who are aware and practice how to manage them ,are bouncing back more quickly from any setbacks in life .

Motivating Oneself

Delaying any kind of gratification and not being impulsive is underlying accomplishment of every sort. While we are working on our personal goals, its essential to pay attention how we deal with emotions ,which arises while we go through hard times and also when we have the best time in our life . Simply Being aware of the way We feel ,will help us get further , with less resistance and without anxiety and stress. When we get into the flow , we are able to present outstanding performances in all areas, people who does that ,tend to be more productive and effective in any task they undertake.

Recognizing Emotions in Others

Empathy is one of the ability, which builds on emotional self-awareness, being Empath is also called the fundamental of people skill. Empathy kindles altruism, empathetic people are more attuned to signals of what others want or need. Empaths are good at jobs like , teacher, sales and management .

Handling Relationships

This is an art , in large part ,handling relationships is a skill in managing emotions of other people, specific skills are involved when we try to build our social competence or incompetence , those abilities undergird popularity ,leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. People who excel at those skills are great at anything that relies on interacting smoothly with others , we can call them social stars.

Information’s from the book ”Emotional Intelligence , why it matter more than IQ” by -Daniel Goleman.

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