Thursday Though


I have finished writing my book and as soon as that has happened, I realised that this book is just short cut of the story . I tried to hide most of the things and basically make it seem like it was all good and there is actually nothing wrong with what has happened etc .

There was so many eye opening things, and the fact that I was trying to hide it , is even worse . I don’t plan to publish this version as it’s definitely not the story I’d like people to see. I want it to be raw and real , and exactly as it was , the the stuff that has happened and the issues, childhood trauma etc .

The book will be posted under pen name, i dont want to make anyone’s life hard whatsoever. I just want to put it out there without filter.

For others to know , they not alone . That society is what it is . For others to realise that everyone can heal as long as there is a will to do it. That life is not happening against us . It teaches us everyday, and it is up from us, whether we will learn the lesson on the first time or maybe we will have to go through the same stuff 20 times during our life .

Hope you all have a wonderful day 😊

Friday Feeling …

Yesterday I have had very lazy but somehow productive day … I still wonder , how the heck did I manage to do all I did , even though I had my sister over basically all day, since we were waiting for University to call in regards to her wanting to start studying Business degree.

Anyway I was a little blunt and I actually told her that I love being on my own . To which she of course got offended a bit ( I bet she just pretend ) she loves to make me feel guilty lol

Thank God it does not happen anymore . If I think im being honest ,then you have no choice but accept it and understand. I’m introvert and I simply love ME TIME ! Over anything!

Anyway it’s Friday and i plan to make the most of this weekend, I hope you will enjoy yourself , keep smiling and stay at peace 😊


How not to get mad

My Friend Antonio has send me this beautiful photo 📸

I did what I said . ! I wanted to rest and I did , nevermind that I felt terrible

I need to be more clear about what they heck i want . Just now ! Like now ! And it’s 9pm I got rid of the headache which was here since Friday 😫

But there is one thing I’m proud of … I managed not to take any painkillers, it would be just a waste as for me the kind of headache I had , never goes away with painkillers, it has to pass on its own or with a little bit of yoga.

So thank God I’m functioning again as I need to tailor my son’s school trousers as probably some of you are aware , school is back on tomorrow 🙌

And so work life is back , but that’s something I’m not resenting anymore, because I truly love what I do !

Have a lovely night and so much love ❤️


Vacation dream

Greece , crete. Vacation. Holiday.  Sea. Sea shore 
Summer time 
Sunny day

I knew I was a little but delusional thinking that I can easily do all the wall painting and doors and basically everything.

Not that I haven’t done it . I indeed did it. But I cant feel my hand nor legs. Last few days I’m working non stop and if its not in house its my business and if not that I’ll have another one. Garden ! I want to plant something and I hope ill manage to do this this month , all up from the weather if I have to be honest.

Soon it will be summer and I’ll be travelling a lot so I just want to have everything perfect at home , so I just can do whatever I like during the summer break ☀️

In August I have a wedding, my Little brother have found the one . <let’s hope ill find the one too > one day haha

I’m shattered today and all I want is a hot bath and just read some book 📖 I really need vacation now…. 🇬🇷 please wait a little bit, we will have a lot of amazing days together ❤️

Can’t wait to watch the sunset ,sunrise , the sea and the atmosphere of the Greek Island. I have been there so many times and I truly believe I could live there, it feels like home there.

I hope you all have a lovely evening 😊


Today’s Joy’s 🤎

Today is the day ! IG is gone for good ! Its crazy you gotta wait a month after you delete your account to make it go through, but finally today it happened 😊😇

Roblox plush 
Roblox game 
Cat bee
Deleted instagram 
Instagram off
Social media 
New life off from Social media
Cat bee 🐝

I’d never thought it would ever happen with me if I have to be honest … but you can be sure only of what thing … you know what is that thing? <wink> 💀

Anyway , it was long overdue ! And now I started to think of removing whatsapp as I barely even use it …. 😬

Life starts to be more pleasant once you get rid of the things , which hold you back and when you feel like something is taking your happiness away . Yes I know it is all my perception and assumption , but until its not changed and nothing can shake me , I’d rather stay away from certain ppl in my family and also from certain apps .

Here few photos of my today’s joys 😊

Basically all furniture etc will be gone just floors and walls will stay 🙃

Coffee break with my sis x

I wish you all wonderful evening 😘


So here we go again

So we are fast forward moving back into our daily life !

It has been pure magic but I know there is much more coming in the next few months 🤗 I’m so excited for everything that life has in store for me.

Im about to have my last meal in a few min , just popped in for ice cream and then I’ll be going back home , to finish off reading my book 📖

From Tomorrow I start redecorating my house 🥰 so excited for that , got so many ideas 💡

Hope you having a great time and enjoying yourself 💞

Yes I wear sandals 👡 it is pretty nice weather in the UK 🇬🇧 😊

Honorata 💋

Easter Break 🐣

I hope you all have had an amazing time during this Easter break 💗

Here is few photos from today ❣️

Have a lovely bank Holiday tomorrow if you based in the UK and for the rest of you I wish lovely week ahead 🦄

Day at the park 
Sunny day 
Walsall Park
Pardon my hair 🤭
Park in walsall.  United Kingdom  beautiful trees and summer vibes
Walsall Park.  West Midlands Park in walsall Beautiful park
Traditional Polish Easter Breakfast 🐣 ✨️
Sausage for my son as he is the picky eater 😪
Babka wielkanocna Polish cake wielkanocna babka

Ask you shall receive 🧘🏼‍♀️💫

I have asked for a meaningful song to be shown to me today and I received this one . I am learning French however I did not understood it at the beginning but it has spoken to my soul and made me feel absolutely at peace and gave me some kind of strength.

I have checked the lyrics now and I can see why it actually happened 💫💛 I am happy beyond words 💫💫💫

Hope you will enjoy it as well 🦄❤️🧘🏼‍♀️💫💛