Another day , another video 💓

I have started meditating again and I’m so happy that I have done it , because even though it has been one day . The changes are visible.

I really hope you all are having wonderful day and stay positive 💛

Love and light ✨️

Genetic Changes

We used to think that we are at the mercy of our DNA, that genes created disease. We assumed that if someone in our family havw died of heart disease, then we have pretty hight chance of also developing heart disease.

But Science of Epigenetic tells us that it’s not the gene that creates disease but the environment, which is programming our genes to create disease. It is both internal and external environment which creates it .

External environment -cigarettes smoke or pesticides .

Internal environment- the one outside our cells. By saying internal, which is also called within our body, I mean emotions which are chemical feedbacks, the end product is experience we have in our external environment, that produce the emotions. Internal chemistry can signal genes to either turn on or turn off.

Turn on – up – regulating or producing an increased expression of the gene.

Turn off – down- regulating ,or producing a decreased expression of the gene.

Gene itself doesn’t physically change, the expression of the gene changes, and that expression is what matter the most ,because it affects our health and lives.

Honorata Czestochowska

#1 Becoming Supernatural – Book Review

Today I’d love to show you and talk a little bit about the books which has helped me, while going through my journey .

In short I’ll introduce the ones I love the most and which gave me the most of knowledge and understanding. I have read them multiple times ,and each time I get more from them ,or should I say my understanding deeper.

Today I will start with Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

  • Becoming Supernatural is one of my favourite ones , I have read this one many times and each time I see more and more , at first when I bought this book , I have thought ,its not for me , I need something more spiritual , so in overall I just forced myself to meditate daily and always have put myself in the lack mindset ,hoping that by meditation I will be able to bring something back into my life . that wasn’t really the drive I should have ,I have been always focusing on someone else, and trying to change someone else ,instead of changing the way I am. Thankfully with the time I understood more ,and thanks to other books I also deepened my believe that I’m the one who runs this mind of mine . So at this moment I’m practicing mindfulness meditation to change the way I’m and not expecting anything outside of me to change in order to be happy and loved. This book had a huge impact on my self love journey, I start to see changes and the feelings I get from meditations are truly amazing , I don’t have lack mindset anymore when I sit to my meditation , I always put the focus on me and on who I want to be ,not like before ,when always some else was a priority. It also shows how important it is , to never give up on yourself. I highly recommend if you haven’t yet , to read or listen to this book ,because it will wide open your eyes on endless possibilities ,which are all within you. Meditations provided in this book are very impactful ,and I’m sure they will help many people ,there is also Mind movie meditation with the use of kaleidoscope , which will put you in the trance ,so you will neurologically map new input from your mind movie. Another great one is walking meditation , this one is to train your body to stay in the feeling even after your meditation , you will start to be more present and less responsive for longer, you know that feeling after you finish your meditation , your heart is open and you just feel amazing , we want to keep it that way for as long as possible ,and walking meditation is giving us this possibility. There is so many other things to mention, like the stories of people who have become Supernatural by practicing meditation ,and I would advise anyone to read this book and at least try to give it a go.

Honorata Czestochowska

The Present Moment

Let me tell you in a few words, how important it is to practice and master the present moment which we also call eternal now.

If you ever been wanting to heal yourself, your body, create new experiences which would go beyond your imagination, then mastering the present moment, is where you should start.

Most people will understand the basic idea of what it is to be in the present moment, they know that they must be now and here, and not to think about the past or future. In the Becoming Supernatural, we are given a completely different concept of how to practice that.

“it’s going to require that you get beyond the physical world- including your body, your identity, and your environment- and even beyond time itself.”

We are told that by using this concept, we will be turning possibility into reality, and for me that statement, makes me want to practice that even more.

You will have to get out of your own way, we need to transcend the memory we hold of ourselves as an identity, and allow to be taken over by mystical experience, something much greater than you.

Our mind is a record of all your experiences, and what you have learned in the past.

Our experience creates emotions and also, they enhance brain circuity.

The stronger the emotions are in certain situations and events, the stronger the experience it leaves in your brain, if we keep maintaining those emotions, we will create a connection, and so with repetition of a thought, choice and behaviour, neurons fire and wire together and they will sustain a long-term relationship.

Source of information – Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Honorata Czestochowska

Stress and then what?

When you live in the stress, you simply live in the survival mode, stress hormones take over.

A primitive nervous system, called sympathetic nervous system start turning on the body and mobilize enormous amount of energy in response to the stressor.

The body automatically starts to tap into the resources it will need to deal with the danger.

Heart rate and respiratory rate increase, we can run, fight or hide. More energy is produced by raising glucose level which is released to the blood system.

Our immune system dials up and then dials down as adrenaline and cortisol flood the muscles, rush of energy is provided, so we can either escape or fend off the stressor.      

Our hind brain takes over our rational forebrain, we then have less capacity to think creatively, and we rely on our instinct to instantly react.

Our large brain, makes us capable of thinking about our problems, reliving the past events or even forecast the future by thought alone.

Our body doesn’t know the difference, whether is past or future, the feeling you bring back, feels like it’s happening right now. Which shows us that, even thought it has happened in the past, the body feels like that’s what is happening now.

Honorata Czestochowska

Source of information

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.


I have found an interesting article from  Nature neuroscience and the subject of the article was the “Brain Adapts to Dishonesty” , I  was scrolling through Since Open website ,looking for researches about neuro plasticity and came along this article ,short article but I would say eye opening ,at least for me , I have always been wondering about whether a lie and dishonesty are exactly the same things and I think they actually can be taken as such ,for a very long time I have been thinking that only because I don’t lie about the certain situation it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m being honest, many times I have been withdrawing the information which I thought are not important ,yet deep down I knew they could change a lot in certain situation. I still cant grasp my head around it and whatever to think that not telling the full story is lie or dishonesty but I’m sure that everyone will have different perspective on that subject ,  sometimes we say to ourselves that we didn’t lie but from the other end we didn’t speak up honestly and we hidden certain facts from others ,so in my opinion it can be treated as a lie , white lie ? I have no idea how to think of it , I myself many times didn’t go with the full explanation because I thought it would be an unnecessary in those circumstances ,but thinking about it now ,makes me realise that not saying everything means you are trying to hide something from others and make them believes things without you actually correcting them if you know they wrong about the thing they implement .

In this article I read, they stated that “dishonesty is an integral part of our social world “, and that “Behaviourally, we show that the extent to which participants engage in self-serving dishonesty increase with repetition”

So from my point of view the fact that we are not fully honest or that we would not correct others if we know something to be true or not , we are creating a lie ,thinking that it is just a small act of dishonesty or lets say not telling some parts of the story ,then the story remain a lie in other person perspective ,no matter if the other person is aware of it or not ,we are the ones who create dishonest circumstances .

Life examples, we can give plenty but lets say there is a married couple and after 20 years of being together ,the wife decide to split up from her husband ,she don’t find him supportive  and she says that she want  more from life ,the husband on the other hand is constantly trying to please his wife and do everything he can in his power to make sure she feel loved , the wife however have met someone and is entertaining the other person ,hence the idea of divorce ,but in this case we can see that there is both a dishonesty and a lie , wife is dishonest ,I can only think in that case it is because she don’t want to hurt her husband, and she don’t want him to find out about her seeing someone else ,but on the other hand ,she is telling a lie about her life where she doesn’t feel appreciated in her marriage , however the guilt and fear  of being caught on seeing someone else is bigger that the guilt of putting someone in the state of mind that they haven’t done enough in the marriage ,in this case her husband , that  brings me to the conclusion ,that no matter what we say or do ,all we care about is how others will see us ,nobody wants to be a bad guy ,the one who broke off the marriage, but why do we have to put ourselves in the position of the victim while in reality we know we are not telling the whole story ,even to ourselves quite often .

I hope it will make some sense, stay healthy, safe and till the next time x

The article can be found on – research and publishing network.

Authors of the article mentioned above; Neil Garrett, Stephanie C. Lazzaro, Dan Ariely, Tali Sharon

Written by Honorata Czestochowska