You Are Unique

If you can be a light , a peaceful place for someone else . Someone who don’t need no explanation and just is there for the other one . Someone who doesn’t feel the need to tell their story ,when someone is sharing theirs ,but just listen and understand, then please don’t ever change . World need people like you .

Everyday we should be guided by love and trust . If we do good by heart ,we have nothing to worry about . Our good intentions is what matter. Sometimes things will not workout they way,you would want them too ,but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

At the end what matters is our heart and the love we share with others , and the way you share it ,is unique and special in every way.

There is no two the same people in this world , we are all different and unique by nature . I want whoever is reading this to remember, that by giving love ,you also open yourself to receive it . And no matter how harsh and hard you are on yourself, I know many people who can’t even think ,of thinking about themselves in a positive, good way . You need to know that you are worth the love , you are lovable , you deserve the happiness and joy . The only thing which is stopping you from getting it ,is your own self and that is something you can work on ❤💫

Honorata Czestochowska

Neville Goddard – The Power of awareness


You are free to choose the concept you will accept of yourself. Therefore, you possess the power of intervention, the power which enables you to alter the course of your future.

The process of rising from your present concept to a higher concept to a higher concept of yourself is the means of all true progress. The higher concept is waiting for you to incarnate it in the world of experience.

Subjective Control

Your imagination is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention.

All progress, Are fulfilment of desire depend upon the control and concentration of your attention. Attention is attracted from without when you are consciously occupied with the external impressions of the immediate present. Your attention is directed from within when you deliberately choose what you will be preoccupied with mentally. It is obvious that, in the objective world, your attention is not only attracted by, but is constantly directed to external impressions. But your control in the subjective state is almost non-existent, for in this state, attention is usually the servant and not the master- the passenger and not the navigator- of your world. There is an enormous difference between attention directed objectively and attention directed subjectively, and the capacity to change your future depends on the latter. When you are able to control the movement of your attention in the subjective world, you can modify or alter your life as you please. But this control cannot be achieved if you allow your attention to be attracted constantly from without.

Each day, set yourself a task of deliberately withdrawing your attention rom the objective world and of focusing it subjectively. In other words, concentrate on those thoughts or moods which you deliberately determine. Then those things that now restrict you will fade and drop away.

You will no longer accept the dominance of outside conditions or circumstances. You will not accept life on the basis of the world without. Having achieving control of the movements of your attention, and having discovered the mystery hid from the ages, that Christ in you is your imagination, you will assert the supremacy of imagination and put all things in subjection to it.


Do you know or better to say are you aware that everything that has ever happened to you, or should I rather say for you, was your own though manifestation?

We are fast to blame everything and everyone when something we don’t  like or want happens in our life ,but should we really blame others ? well the simple answer is no ,we never should blame anyone ,neither yourself, most of our time we run on automatic program which we have learned during our life ,now that program can be negative ,positive or neutral (if anything like this even exist).

People tell us to don’t live in the past, focus only on the now and you will see that nothing really can break you but your own mind, isn’t that fascinating? we own powerful machine, and we don’t even know how to use it, we didn’t get e manual and we operate on what we have been though by parents and others with whom we anticipated during our life. I feel like I went off course so let me quickly get back to what I wanted to say in the first place, I think that in order for us to live in alignment within ourselves we have to focus on the now but how can we stop the past creeping in? I think we all should understand one very important thing, we can’t change our past, but we can change the story we tell ourselves about those past events and situation. And I would advise to start gently and slowly to change the old story or even focusing on the good things which are always there, even if it’s a lesson you had to learn to be where you are now. So, from now on let’s try our best to flip the bad memories of the past onto something that will help us instead of bringing us down and with repetition it will be wired into our mind as it would have happened exactly the way you want it to be.

Can I please let it go ? I am sorry but your request has been denied …

Can we really let go of something we want so bad? Something we cannot even stop thinking about it.

I believe that we can let go of  a certain story we tell ourselves but not necessarily the thing we desire ,no matter if it’s a person or material thing ,if we desire it we cant just let go , but I think its more important to let go of the story which make us doubt our power and that soon we  will receive what we desire so bad , we just have to narrate the story in the way that it can come faster to us and stop sabotaging our desired outcome with doubts ,fears and indecision , think what you desire the most and make a story that its aligned with what you want to achieve not what u fear . we all struggle to let go of what we want ,its obvious ,we want it so bad ,how we supposed to stop thinking about it ,we cant really do that ,our brain work wonders and when you try to let go of something it’s even more there and that’s why we should not be afraid of desiring and wanting things ,we just need to make sure that the story we are telling ourselves is the one where everything is perfectly aligned with what we want /desire ,not opposite . think big do not be afraid to want different things than your family or friend. Nobody can tell you how to live your life, you need to know what you want the most and simply decide now, I will go for it, and I will not stop until its mine. Just know that it is yours already and it is going to be even easier for you to live in the end. So please darling, lets change the story to the favourable one for us and just know that someone else’s story Is no different and circumstance does not matter. Dream big and aim high always.

Stay safe and till the next time xoxo

Written by Honorata Czestochowska

You cannot pour from an empty cup …

It is a week since I am taking time off from everything, socials, friends etc the only thing I do now Is work, study, and focus on my goals. Today though I feel like I am happier that way then when I have socials etc, isn’t that weird, I was sure that ill miss my social media as soon as I deactivate them, but here I am not even wanting to go there anymore … is this normal? I prefer to spend my time on writing and things I love.

I have tried many times before to do that and focus on stuff which matter t me the most ,but I could hardly go a day or two without being on social media ,and you probably would think  oh you are just addicted but I don’t think if I’m addicted to socials ,I’m just there because someone I love deeply is there and I want to be there to see if he message me …duhhh what I was even thinking all this time ? I was wasting so much time on being there and waiting that I put my own life on hold, and that is so sad, you cannot even imagine how disappointed I was in myself, when I finally noticed the pattern, I go through. Constantly waiting and waiting and putting everything else aside because the only thing that mattered was him! Jesus Christ I really am ashamed of myself, but I feel like writing this stuff will help me at least a bit to deal with the fact of how dumb I was … I see now how important it is to actually let go and let yourself be the person you really want to be ,without the need of seeing or hearing what others have to say about you , likes don’t have any power over us ,people don’t have any power over us either ,however our thinking do have power and quite often that power is taking over us, we start to spiral and think of every possible situation ,not thinking much of what we think about we bring about ? isn’t that just sad , I’m like 32 years old and I study Law of Assumption for over a year now , I have listened so many lectures and read tons of books yet I’m still here ,doing what ?? waiting ?? seriously I’m so thankful that I finally had the courage to change ,its not always the easy thing to just cut everything out of your life but sometimes it’s really necessary to do so .

No one I repeat no one should be more important to you than yourself! You cannot pour from an empty cup, so please let us stop trying to please everyone and start pleasing your own self, which will benefit you in so many ways.

I will be back with an update of how my social media time off is going but I am 100% sure it will be just as good as it is now xoxo


I have found an interesting article from  Nature neuroscience and the subject of the article was the “Brain Adapts to Dishonesty” , I  was scrolling through Since Open website ,looking for researches about neuro plasticity and came along this article ,short article but I would say eye opening ,at least for me , I have always been wondering about whether a lie and dishonesty are exactly the same things and I think they actually can be taken as such ,for a very long time I have been thinking that only because I don’t lie about the certain situation it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m being honest, many times I have been withdrawing the information which I thought are not important ,yet deep down I knew they could change a lot in certain situation. I still cant grasp my head around it and whatever to think that not telling the full story is lie or dishonesty but I’m sure that everyone will have different perspective on that subject ,  sometimes we say to ourselves that we didn’t lie but from the other end we didn’t speak up honestly and we hidden certain facts from others ,so in my opinion it can be treated as a lie , white lie ? I have no idea how to think of it , I myself many times didn’t go with the full explanation because I thought it would be an unnecessary in those circumstances ,but thinking about it now ,makes me realise that not saying everything means you are trying to hide something from others and make them believes things without you actually correcting them if you know they wrong about the thing they implement .

In this article I read, they stated that “dishonesty is an integral part of our social world “, and that “Behaviourally, we show that the extent to which participants engage in self-serving dishonesty increase with repetition”

So from my point of view the fact that we are not fully honest or that we would not correct others if we know something to be true or not , we are creating a lie ,thinking that it is just a small act of dishonesty or lets say not telling some parts of the story ,then the story remain a lie in other person perspective ,no matter if the other person is aware of it or not ,we are the ones who create dishonest circumstances .

Life examples, we can give plenty but lets say there is a married couple and after 20 years of being together ,the wife decide to split up from her husband ,she don’t find him supportive  and she says that she want  more from life ,the husband on the other hand is constantly trying to please his wife and do everything he can in his power to make sure she feel loved , the wife however have met someone and is entertaining the other person ,hence the idea of divorce ,but in this case we can see that there is both a dishonesty and a lie , wife is dishonest ,I can only think in that case it is because she don’t want to hurt her husband, and she don’t want him to find out about her seeing someone else ,but on the other hand ,she is telling a lie about her life where she doesn’t feel appreciated in her marriage , however the guilt and fear  of being caught on seeing someone else is bigger that the guilt of putting someone in the state of mind that they haven’t done enough in the marriage ,in this case her husband , that  brings me to the conclusion ,that no matter what we say or do ,all we care about is how others will see us ,nobody wants to be a bad guy ,the one who broke off the marriage, but why do we have to put ourselves in the position of the victim while in reality we know we are not telling the whole story ,even to ourselves quite often .

I hope it will make some sense, stay healthy, safe and till the next time x

The article can be found on – research and publishing network.

Authors of the article mentioned above; Neil Garrett, Stephanie C. Lazzaro, Dan Ariely, Tali Sharon

Written by Honorata Czestochowska

What Trigger Us ‘ My very first blog post

And again its been a few weeks since I was writing anything I felt like it doesn’t even make sense to do so because whos gonna read it but them doubts are gone and forgotten now , I’m working so hard on myself ,I change my ways so I don’t hold myself back anymore and trust me the road is bumpy but so worth it , I can see now where the problem is or id rather say what I’m making to be a problem while in reality is just my mind playing trick on me and triggering the old beliefs in everyday situations . lets go back to the story then,

From the place I’m now I can clearly see the patterns in my life which led me to the place I’m now , its not like I’m complaining ,no I just want you all to understand that our programs are running in the background and most likely we think that’s how it has to be and we cant change it , wrong we have the full potential to change anything in our life ,literally everything , we can aim higher and higher and achieve anything we dream of but I think its very important to start from watching your thoughts ,you need to acknowledge what programs is running to be able to change it

I don’t want to say it will happen overnight but it sure will happen if you take the time and effort to change it to something you love , in our society many people if not most of the humanity loves so called victim mindset ,it is safe and we know we are not only ones to feel this way so to some extent it is comforting ,ego as we call it make sure we don’t get hurt and it has a way to protect us but in reality we stop ourselves from the blessing which can come our way , we fear on unknown

we don’t want to try new things because what if something goes wrong way ,that’s ego telling us to stay in the known in our comfort zone ,many times in my life I wanted so much to change something and I could even imagine myself doing it ,yes I was visualizing myself doing all that and yet I did nothing , why is that ?

In the back of my head is that programm which is running and trying to save me from everything I fear ,and 9/10 times id listen to my fears or we can call it also safe zone ,its better to be safe than sorry ,who didn’t hear that sentence ? probably all of us did at one point .

But im here to tell you that  your new wonderful life is at the other side of fear ,you must change how you think about the experiences and things and people as well.

How to do it ? its seems easy and trust me after some time its becoming your new programming but you might see opposite of what you think at the very beginning but don’t let that made you think that what you do doesn’t work , it does work but as everything in this world it needs time to grow strong and to become your own belief and assumption .

Let me give you one example of me going against my ego which was trying to save me from what I fear the most , one beautiful sunny day we went to the theme park and I love theme parks as long as I don’t have to ride on anything ,I can be there and enjoy myself just by eating candy and ice cream , every single ride excitites me but also scares me so much that the only thing I can do is sit and watch others having fun while im just wisihing it be something I could do .

At that day my brother and sister were there with me ,since we barely do things like that I thought to myself if they will go there ill go with them and ill have a ride beside them and I will enjoy it ,right mind you im scared to do it but I thought I will still do it , few minutes later my sister is like lets go and have a ride on this one , look how fun it it ,im like yeah but we have kids with us so we cant really do it ,we cant leave them alone ,here my safe side comes to play that much needed part of I will not do it its scary as hell and no just no. my sister told me that our sister in love will look after kids so we free to go , now im like really concerned whether I should run back home ,start crying from fear or welcome god since I know its gonna end bad for me , my sister didn’t take no for a answer and made it impossible for me to rejecect the ride by asking our brother to go along with us , standing by the ticket office I tried nearly everything I could to not make it happen

I said to her yeah its cool but can you imagine it would be even better at night with all the lights on and the atmosphere ? well obviously I wasn’t eager to do it at any time ,especially at night but I wanted to get my way and I was hoping they will agree to come at later time ,but to my dissatisfaction they didn’t even listen to what I was saying ,they were too excited for that ride and I knew my end is close ,at least at that time .

Finally with no courage whatsoever I got on the ride and I was just praying it will end so fast that ill not even feel like it ever happened , i was so impantient while waiting for it to start ,I knew I have to force myself to sit and don’t move until its finished but honestly they took ages and we been sitting and waiting for it to start,not happy me at all but oh well .

More and more people start joining the ride we are on and at once there is a group of 8 years olds who are coming to the same exact ride as we do ,im thinking right away what the hell they not scared ,being their age I wont even stand close to that ride let alone make it till the end,and it that moment I felt like a loser ,32 years old loser who was scared to live her life ,not taking risk at any cost and just hoping for good to come without being able to enjoy the moment ,it remind me so much of the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle , amazing book if you haven’t read it you defininately should

I was holding myself back all this time just to pprotect myself from things I was responsible for ,my thoughts create and I was creating things I was scared of later on and which were holding me back from living the best life I possibly could .if that doesn’t feel familiar to you don’t worry soon it will , as soon you will understand that everything we fear we have created we are free , we know that there are endless possibilities and the univers is open and giving , so fear nothing but yourself because you are the most powerful being ,and you are the one in charge of your reality ,.

Most people don’t really fully grasp what positive thinking means , for them thinking positive vary from oh it’s a beautiful flower or this rain is so soothing ,but they torture themselves in their head not even realising what they are doing , so please make sure you first start with yourself , as you grow everything else will follow , you need to know how amazing and one of a kind you are , natural state of us should ne happiness ,yet so many of us entertain thoughts of failure or disasters ,its not all our fault or maybe it actually is but we are simply not aware of what we projecting onto this world by thinking alone, watching news ,sad depressing songs , movies with not so happy endings ,reckless spending to feel worth being a human , we are happy beings and we are simply lost in the reality they are trying to sell us , everyday we are being bombarded with thousand of new informations and its hard to tell which one will imprint themselves in our subcounsius mind , you will sure notice which one did but at the very moment you watch something or listen to sad songs you start thinking of time you had felt not enough ,not worthy ,when someone broke you heart ,when you dudnt get the job you wanted and now maybe you don’t even want to try to apply for similar job in fear of rejection

I like to take different approach on this now , whether I had any bad memories associated with song or movie or basically anything ill listen to it or watch it and rewrite the story myself ,like the old one has never happened , trust me it works , maybe you will have to do it few times ,well for sure you will have to do it few times but believe me its so worth it . You changing the emotions in your brain and it can only help you evolve.

So it’s a new day and new adventures , I decided to type what feelings and emotions are going through me right now , its in some way difficult because I don’t really wanted to feel that way at any point of the day , but when I woke up I felt weird and I couldn’t shake it off I did my affirmations and told myself 100 times that im absolutely fine and to stay at peace and it did helped me a bit but not exactly as I would like to , its been few hours since I woke up and let me tell you ,I do feel much better than I did right after waking up but still its not what I want to feel , I keep affirming throught it only the positive things and I don’t let my doubts and insecurities run my day , as I said it is challenging work even for those who do it for long time already.

I know its temporary and it will be gone very soon ,but now im thinking about all those people who struggle with anxiety and stress every single day from when they get up until they go back to sleep and sometimes even in dream state they cant get away from it , it hurts me to think that we humans are going through it on daily basis thinking there is nothing we can do about It ,certainly there is a way to work through it but indeed you need to have your mental conversations on check , and sometimes it isn’t always the easiest to achieve , yet we all should at least try to find a remedy to calm ourselves in our daily run and focus on our mental and what we are thinking about, usually we think about the past events ,we focus so much on how things could go ,what we should have done and how to behave etc but that kind of thinking just keep us stuck in this cycle in which we don’t want to be anymore .

What is important to remember that we can’t change the past really, but we can change our memories of the past and instead of thinking of all the wrong we did back then, we can put the focus on the amazing memories and expect even better to come. I feel like there is really no need to dwell in the past events, especially if they bring us so unwanted stress and anxiety, sometimes we feel disgusted by our past selves and we often think, how could I be like this, but let me tell you, it will take you nowhere thinking in that category. you and only you know what you are going through and believe me ,people usually don’t remember the same events in the exact same way , so be assured that nobody is thinking about what have you said or how did u behaved ,unless there was hurt involved then yes maybe someone has some memory of that as we are resentful and we tend to remember that ,but mostly people are focus on the silly things which have nothing to do in the now and that’s so very wrong , we should enjoy our life and live in the way we feel is fulfilling to us and it doesn’t have to make any sense to other people ,if you think someone is judging you ,let it be that way ,don’t let anyone stop you from what you want only because they are sending you some mixed signals about the way they feel about you or the thing you choose to live for .

So listen up and I’m talking to myself here as well , you have to live the life you love ,which makes You happy and nobody but you has the responsibility to make yourself happy and content and know that everything you working towards is your higher self who wants you to achieve everything and more you ever dared to dream about , don’t settle no anything less , don’t settle for things which doesn’t make you happy ,it doesn’t mean that I tell you right now to quit your job and have no money ,because most likely with the mindset you are in where you stress about anything and everything that’s how you would end up , do what you have to do bubt be assured that there is much better on its way to you and you will achieve all the things you want , believe me , the sky is the limit ,one door close another door open and that’s how it really is , look back at the things which are so easy for you to achieve , now think  how you get it done and probably you just know that it is yours or that it will be yours very soon and you just don’t let any other thought or  idea slide into your mind , that’s how simple it is in real life regarding everything you want , the only obstacle is our mind , we think that probably we should be more humble and settle for what we have and don’t aim too high because if we fall we are going to feel more pain and hate towards ourselves.