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Hey Guys !

Today i decided to share with you Monthly an weekly Budget planning .

Hope you are having an amazing Friday 🙂

There is also different version available if you click on the photo but the other one is paid. This one is completely free.

I Don’t Relate To You

I find it hard to relate with others, not because I don’t want to … but because I see what they rather not see. I don’t judge them yet I can’t agree and lie to them anymore .

Everything I used to believe in … that is non existent anymore.

Life has changed so drastically. I feel like I am the same person yet different in the way of viewing life and experiences.

This is so confusing at times .


Wednesday Night 🌙

🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 🏵 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹

Hello guys I hope you are all well .

Recently I feel like I am bending the reality a bit …. I feel amazing indeed and so at peace that I even surprise myself with that inner calm .

I have decided… that from 1st of May I will be posting for the entire month , but this time I will post one video a day … every day I’ll do some interesting subject (I hope )

I want to do it mainly for myself and to spread some positive insights hopefully as there is quite a lot of things I’d love to talk about but I dont really have a person I can truly exchange thoughts with , so I hope to get some of your attention and have a discussion 😊

I think I might record few videos , on the day I feel the most talkative, as usually I’d prefer to mind my own stuff and not to overthink what’s going on on the deep dark side of our lives . There are certain days on which i feel like i want to dive deep and learn , on others i simply cry whenever I try to do so, and so it’s obvious I’d not do it then, yet I’d like to have a video to post on daily basis , so that trick might actually work 😆

Ps . I was bored before bed so I made this calendar

Down below if you’d like pdf to print it out x

So I wish you sweet and peaceful night 🌙 Till the next time my loves ❤️

How I love myself is how I will love you ❣️

I love you 
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Beautiful sunny day

Soon we are going to celebrate Easter 🐣

But now I lay on bed thinking how I came to the point where I Love someone so much , that I don’t mind them being happy without me.

I know Love is a big word , this is something I rather can’t explain or understand with my mind .

But my heart know ….

I don’t feel heartbroken, I don’t feel like I was rejected or unwanted.

I see things from completely different perspective now and I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet someone who shaked my soul so deep.

Some things are not for us to understand but simply feel . I suppose It was all meant to teach me what real love is . No judging, no jealous and possessive, not pushy and self centred .

Reminder for all of us… love does not mean , that someone belongs to you, you not an owner of someone else , don’t try to change the other person either. If you can’t love them as they are.,Just let them go, because they not meant for you .

I totally feel like I am ready to move forward and allow myself to dive deep into loving myself and I know there is someone out there , who is my perfect match.

Honorata xoxo

How to live a happy life

Stay Present

Theoretically , we all know what it means, however in reality it is very hard thing to accomplish for most of us , we are always thrown into thinking of the past or future , leaving little to no room for the present moment.

For many of us , there is always something better to focus on and think about than the moment we are currently experiencing . Yet , once we start diving into the present moment , and we let ourselves enjoy it, it becomes clear how much we reject ourselves and our needs, how we don’t appreciate the things we should be grateful for .

Finally when we have time to be present , we start to see everything differently . We start to see ourselves differently , we notice how we feel , how we react to everything around us, we notice how we neglected our need to feel and see even the smallest , the least noticeable things, now all of the sudden the touch which didn’t mean anything , has a different feel , words spoken are heard like a sweet melody, even simple cooking , becomes a relaxing practice and not a chore .

So I think the first and most important part to be happy in life is to become present as often as possible.

To do so , we simply must practice being Present , and with time and practice , we will become better at enjoying the present moment .

Don’t Judge Yourself

Well this one , clear as a day , will be probably the hard pill to swallow for anyone , because even when we fight against others to defend our opinion ,while we know that we are in the wrong , after the situation come to an end , we are left alone and we go back to the arguments or conversations we had , and we start to analyse everything we said and done , and then we relive the situation again , only this time we are hard on ourselves , not on others.

The process of judging starts and we are able to put ourselves under the biggest fire and speak very badly of our own self . That’s not something anyone should do , we should rather practice the opposite, which in that case would be , understanding ourselves ,seeing human being, in our own reflection , and try to make peace with whatever has happened , and what most important, move past it forgive and forget if that’s necessary for you to feel at peace .

We are all making silly decisions , and mistakes which we might regret at a later time but we all should understand that , that’s how life rules , we must learn and live and remember that it really isn’t that serious , we just make it be so we can feel like a victim . I know many would not agree but that’s not my concern as I have been overcoming this myself , and even though I understand a lot , I still need to look at myself from the 3rd person perspective and think how does it make me feel.

Anytime I feel it burden me or give me any sort of anxiety or ill feeling , I know I should look deeper and look for the answers within and not judge myself , because I definitely don’t see everything , especially when I’m furious ,angry or fearful , and the last one has been holding me back a lot for all those years , just now I know I was programmed to feel fear at any time , not exploring possibilities, not going for what wanted , settling for the less . That’s nobody’s best interest in life .

We are so scared of the death , yet we are walking through life as we already are on the other side . What’s the purpose of life , if we are scared to live and take any kind of risk .

Of course there is much more to it but that in the next post xoxo


And don’t tell me I haven’t warned you

Today I have realised that the more I learn ,the less I know.

Also the more of a understanding I have within myself, the less I need to be around other people. And my own company is absolutely the best .

I see why now , I have put myself on hold and didn’t want to go through that all healing, deep inside I must have knows I’m just not ready , i wasn’t ready two years ago even in the slightest… which is crazy to think , before I thought i know life and now … i know nothing but that i want to be happy, at peace and content .Things I see and understand now , I would reject without a thought in the past . Now it is what it is , because its truly just our perception and opinions.

Love Honorata x ❤️


The one of many branches in philosophy is Ethic. Often it is referred to study of morality ,Ethics address questions like ,how should we live our lives and what is meant by the good life, what do we mean by virtue? what does ”right” mean?

Ethics seek to define the concept such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice justice and crime.

The name Ethics is derived from the Ancient Greek word ethikos, which mean “relating to one’s character”