Look Beyond The Body 👤

There is so much more to a person. Than the frame , the body we see and how they show themselves . What they promise and how they love us .

How they speak and behave when we start to get to know them . It is not about judgement and seeing wrong in people, but rather seeing your own patterns , and cutting away everything that doesn’t serve your highest good. Cutting i don’t mean ,judging them ,hating them and cursing them , just accept what you can’t change and don’t judge anyone , neither yourself

Having highs with someone is not healthy, having rough bed experience and calling it something we actually enjoy is rather self destructive. We are looking for pain because we find a pleasure in the pain , instead of being nurturing and having intimate experiences , by intimate I mean more of being vulnerable and opening your heart to the other person and not necessarily “legs” .

There is so many broken people, who think they miss something outside of them , who cherish other person above themselves, and see them as someone special and better. While we are all equal .

I understand and I know it’s a challenge for many people to just even believe that they can change something in their life , but all it takes is taking a chance on you this time and not putting yourself below anyone ,just being equal . I think it will build up very healthy relationship with yourself, as you will be able to see how much you deserve everything your soul crave so much .

One thing also comes to my mind , we often will pretend that we are healing and we need time etc and then we will entertain other things instead of working on the issues we have within us. The longer it will take for us to understand, where we stand and with what we are dealing when we focus on the unwanted , on the stuff which hurt us and make us feel like a victim to our own made circumstances.

I am just like you and We all deserve the love , peace, abundance and joy. We can achieve it ,because at the end the day it is all within us. Nobody can either take it or give it to you ,but yourself.

Is nice to be important but is more important to be nice Michael Mirdad

Alone but not lonely 💭

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart leaf shape tree during dawn
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Do you know that phrase ” If you are lonely when you alone ,you are in the bad company”? Do you like spending time all by yourself ? Or are you rather the opposite?

I’m the person, who loves her own company, I love to have time to think ,read ,listen to lectures and just to be all by myself. It brings me peace and calmness. I feel like im charging myself, every single time I’m by myself only .

But of course there are days ,when I want a friend by my side , its usually my sister ,we are very close and understand each other without words …who would think that my sister will be my best friend .. looking back at all the mean things we did to each other ,when we were just a kids , it’s amazing how everything is changing once we mature and grow up .

We start to see our siblings in a different way , more loving way , it doesn’t mean we didn’t love them before, but now we just not ashamed of that feeling.

I have 6 siblings , me as middle child , my mom had full hands with all of us for sure . But somehow, she managed to raise all of us , to become good human beings, I’m grateful for that, even though our life was not easy at times ,I’m still happy .

Today all I want ,is the happiness of the people surrounding me 💫

I hope you have had an amazing weekend x stay safe and healthy 💗

Honorata Czestochowska

You Are Unique

If you can be a light , a peaceful place for someone else . Someone who don’t need no explanation and just is there for the other one . Someone who doesn’t feel the need to tell their story ,when someone is sharing theirs ,but just listen and understand, then please don’t ever change . World need people like you .

Everyday we should be guided by love and trust . If we do good by heart ,we have nothing to worry about . Our good intentions is what matter. Sometimes things will not workout they way,you would want them too ,but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

At the end what matters is our heart and the love we share with others , and the way you share it ,is unique and special in every way.

There is no two the same people in this world , we are all different and unique by nature . I want whoever is reading this to remember, that by giving love ,you also open yourself to receive it . And no matter how harsh and hard you are on yourself, I know many people who can’t even think ,of thinking about themselves in a positive, good way . You need to know that you are worth the love , you are lovable , you deserve the happiness and joy . The only thing which is stopping you from getting it ,is your own self and that is something you can work on ❤💫

Honorata Czestochowska