Look Beyond The Body 👤

There is so much more to a person. Than the frame , the body we see and how they show themselves . What they promise and how they love us .

How they speak and behave when we start to get to know them . It is not about judgement and seeing wrong in people, but rather seeing your own patterns , and cutting away everything that doesn’t serve your highest good. Cutting i don’t mean ,judging them ,hating them and cursing them , just accept what you can’t change and don’t judge anyone , neither yourself

Having highs with someone is not healthy, having rough bed experience and calling it something we actually enjoy is rather self destructive. We are looking for pain because we find a pleasure in the pain , instead of being nurturing and having intimate experiences , by intimate I mean more of being vulnerable and opening your heart to the other person and not necessarily “legs” .

There is so many broken people, who think they miss something outside of them , who cherish other person above themselves, and see them as someone special and better. While we are all equal .

I understand and I know it’s a challenge for many people to just even believe that they can change something in their life , but all it takes is taking a chance on you this time and not putting yourself below anyone ,just being equal . I think it will build up very healthy relationship with yourself, as you will be able to see how much you deserve everything your soul crave so much .

One thing also comes to my mind , we often will pretend that we are healing and we need time etc and then we will entertain other things instead of working on the issues we have within us. The longer it will take for us to understand, where we stand and with what we are dealing when we focus on the unwanted , on the stuff which hurt us and make us feel like a victim to our own made circumstances.

I am just like you and We all deserve the love , peace, abundance and joy. We can achieve it ,because at the end the day it is all within us. Nobody can either take it or give it to you ,but yourself.

Is nice to be important but is more important to be nice Michael Mirdad

How to live a happy life

Stay Present

Theoretically , we all know what it means, however in reality it is very hard thing to accomplish for most of us , we are always thrown into thinking of the past or future , leaving little to no room for the present moment.

For many of us , there is always something better to focus on and think about than the moment we are currently experiencing . Yet , once we start diving into the present moment , and we let ourselves enjoy it, it becomes clear how much we reject ourselves and our needs, how we don’t appreciate the things we should be grateful for .

Finally when we have time to be present , we start to see everything differently . We start to see ourselves differently , we notice how we feel , how we react to everything around us, we notice how we neglected our need to feel and see even the smallest , the least noticeable things, now all of the sudden the touch which didn’t mean anything , has a different feel , words spoken are heard like a sweet melody, even simple cooking , becomes a relaxing practice and not a chore .

So I think the first and most important part to be happy in life is to become present as often as possible.

To do so , we simply must practice being Present , and with time and practice , we will become better at enjoying the present moment .

Don’t Judge Yourself

Well this one , clear as a day , will be probably the hard pill to swallow for anyone , because even when we fight against others to defend our opinion ,while we know that we are in the wrong , after the situation come to an end , we are left alone and we go back to the arguments or conversations we had , and we start to analyse everything we said and done , and then we relive the situation again , only this time we are hard on ourselves , not on others.

The process of judging starts and we are able to put ourselves under the biggest fire and speak very badly of our own self . That’s not something anyone should do , we should rather practice the opposite, which in that case would be , understanding ourselves ,seeing human being, in our own reflection , and try to make peace with whatever has happened , and what most important, move past it forgive and forget if that’s necessary for you to feel at peace .

We are all making silly decisions , and mistakes which we might regret at a later time but we all should understand that , that’s how life rules , we must learn and live and remember that it really isn’t that serious , we just make it be so we can feel like a victim . I know many would not agree but that’s not my concern as I have been overcoming this myself , and even though I understand a lot , I still need to look at myself from the 3rd person perspective and think how does it make me feel.

Anytime I feel it burden me or give me any sort of anxiety or ill feeling , I know I should look deeper and look for the answers within and not judge myself , because I definitely don’t see everything , especially when I’m furious ,angry or fearful , and the last one has been holding me back a lot for all those years , just now I know I was programmed to feel fear at any time , not exploring possibilities, not going for what wanted , settling for the less . That’s nobody’s best interest in life .

We are so scared of the death , yet we are walking through life as we already are on the other side . What’s the purpose of life , if we are scared to live and take any kind of risk .

Of course there is much more to it but that in the next post xoxo


Stop Chasing

I don’t chase . I attract ❤

Today I have really felt soo feminine . Totally at peace with myself, with my body . Loving the ones who loves me and appreciating the changes I see around me .

I have a friend of mine from few years ago ,who came back recently and we are back in contact, like everyday. I have thought that people don’t really change much, but the way he has changed , it’s unbelievable, it’s beautiful change and he is an amazing person , he has always been great but now what we have is a real connection.

Life might not always be easy on us . But it sure teaches us and show us that no matter what THIS TOO SHALL PASS 🤍

Happy Tuesday 😊

Once and for all , I’ll never let anyone walk all over me . ✌

Today I was hoping to get a good rest before my last night shift ,unfortunately more drama came out from work. Not necessarily something I like , I’d say i even hate the fact that people thrive of drama and of other people feeling bad.

I have decided that I’ll be honest and so I went on with future steps to make sure , some people get what they deserve.

I’m last to complain on anyone , last to make any statements which could hurt someone , but I really am over , hearing from everyone around, how someone is talking behind my back and I just do nothing. I have done what I should and let’s say that tables have turned.

At least Im not a liar and I speak facts . Not BS.

Stay focused and done let ppl walk all over you x

When in doubt….

Sometimes we need to understand that we are standing in the damn door to our own happiness .!

That we are blocking ourselves from all the amazing things ,which could be given unto us ! If only we could relax a bit and not overthink every situation, circumstances and all the unnecessary things .

We like to have control over everything. Sad but true . We think that if we are about to receive something, then from logical point , we simply must know ,where is it coming from . But hey , by now we should know is utter BS !

Think how happy you were when you have received something you always dreamt of ! When you told yourself, that you would never imagined that it will come to you , especially the way it came and probably even the capacity!

So hey ,let’s make a deal. Except the unexpected, go with the flow and always, but seriously guys ! ALWAYS! repeat to yourself WHAT’S IN FRONT OF ME IS UNKNOWN BUT ALWAYS IN MY FAVOUR. Or whatever statement aka affirmation you would like to use . When in doubt or about to overthink, repeat it like a mantra ! MAKE IT YOUR MANTRA ! To expect only positive outcomes in all areas of your life , whether is love , health, financial etc .

We deserve it ,and it’s time to start claiming what’s yours ! ❤

Love H.

You don’t look depressed

How often do we think that we KNOW how depression looks like? HOW OFTEN are we deceiving ourselves in thinking that it is not something we will experience? Or that we never experienced it ? How many times have you thought, its not a big deal, I need to stop being so emotional because someone might think I’m a freak ?

I don’t know about you , but i know that I have been rejecting even the idea of possibility for me to be even slightly depressed.

Depression should be visible! You are happy everyday! You smile ! You don’t make any drama ! What ? Depression? Nah stop that now ! It’s just a bad day . ..” how many times we hear that from someone or even we tell it to ourselves? I’m sure many more times than it is necessary.

I thought as well like many of the people I know , that I don’t even have a right to think, that at any point I could be depressed! ” because why?” You have no problems !how many of us heard it ? Sure millions! But no problem is too big or too small !

I have been checking my old photos , exactly from the last two years, also some videos , and maybe I wasn’t on some verge of depression. .. or maybe I actually was !

But let me tell you ,that what I have seen and heard ,was simply a cry for help , yet nobody heard me ! And somehow I shall say it passed ? How ? First I mediate daily and have my own daily routine which helps me a lot but just now I have come to the understanding that I did struggled a lot! But I was very good at hiding it. Nobody would ever say that I have any problems . Yet there was quite a few in that period of time.

So let’s just remember, Depression has many faces . On me I could see mainly smiling face with dead feeling inside . That’s probably why I hate looking back at the photos from the last two years….

We need to learn to feel and express ourselves more and more each day. I think that even now I’d benefit from going to the secluded place and just shout whatever I feel out loud. Let it leave my body, don’t let it weight me down .

I hope you all staying safe 💓

Love and courage ❤


Alone but not lonely 💭

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart leaf shape tree during dawn
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Do you know that phrase ” If you are lonely when you alone ,you are in the bad company”? Do you like spending time all by yourself ? Or are you rather the opposite?

I’m the person, who loves her own company, I love to have time to think ,read ,listen to lectures and just to be all by myself. It brings me peace and calmness. I feel like im charging myself, every single time I’m by myself only .

But of course there are days ,when I want a friend by my side , its usually my sister ,we are very close and understand each other without words …who would think that my sister will be my best friend .. looking back at all the mean things we did to each other ,when we were just a kids , it’s amazing how everything is changing once we mature and grow up .

We start to see our siblings in a different way , more loving way , it doesn’t mean we didn’t love them before, but now we just not ashamed of that feeling.

I have 6 siblings , me as middle child , my mom had full hands with all of us for sure . But somehow, she managed to raise all of us , to become good human beings, I’m grateful for that, even though our life was not easy at times ,I’m still happy .

Today all I want ,is the happiness of the people surrounding me 💫

I hope you have had an amazing weekend x stay safe and healthy 💗

Honorata Czestochowska

Small bit of the story I’m writing ✍

“14 years old girl in need of love have met her prince charming who was at that time just 24 years old.”

Ooo noo he was not a prince charming at all, he was just a narcissi player who was taking everything he could from everyone, not looking back at the hurt he is doing to people who are vulnerable and who trusted him.

Delusional teenage girl, who knew nothing about love and who had different idea of love to what she was shown by the person she called first love.

We start to seeing each other ,he knew it wasn’t right ,we had to hide so nobody can see us , it was at that time exciting and I felt like he would do anything to see me and be with me , even losing his freedom , I still don’t know how I could think it was right but oh well I was naive to think he had good things on his mind , clearly he showed me otherwise later on.

At first it was very pure , we met and talked ,he wasn’t making moves on me or forcing me to do anything , he seemed to be happy just to spend some time with me and I was feeling like the one and only princess , it’s been at that time some sort of accomplishment to be with such an amazing guy , he complimented me and understood me , never judged me at that point , few times he mentioned that due to my age he don’t think it will ever work out , because we would have to wait until I’m 18 years old to move further with anything , well I was devastated every time he mentioned that ,  I felt like I was ready and why we just can’t be together ,he tried to tell me that people will not accept us because of the age gap ,so the only way to stay with him was to meet him and hide away from public eye , after some time my mom have noticed that something is going on and all sudden every single person in my family starts telling me to leave this guy alone , I was at fault in their eyes for running after him , I know they were right now but back then it was devastating and I didn’t want to even think about stopping to see him , I simply couldn’t let go of him , we just kept is secret and keep seeing each other once a week for half an hour , meeting were usually in his car at some side road were we could just sit and talk , I was romanticizing about us being together and going out , doing things we simply could not do in real life.

I was imagining him kissing me and us enjoying time together without being criticized by others .

One day we met as usual and it happened … he kissed me , believe me or not I was sitting there like frozen , I have never been kissed before , I have only done  it in imagination , and when he did it I was terrified, because I had no idea what to do with my lips , I was stuck in thoughts of what to do and I didn’t even move my lips one bit , my eyes been open too , it’s been like some weird force been put on me and I should not move , so I didn’t …he stopped and asked how was it , I didn’t know what to say , how it supposed to be ? I thought to myself, right after that I asked him to drop me off, I was overwhelmed with what just have happened to me and shocked by lack of my response to it, but most importantly I was ashamed that I am not a good kisser, even though I knew it was my very first time. He told me not to worry as each time it will be better but for some reason it wasn’t any better, every time he kissed me, I was freezing and not moving, simply like a figure who tells u, do what u want with me I’m emotionally not even here, my body is here but my mind drifted off to sleep? I have no idea what the heck was going on at that point, we have met multiple time and I have always been same way, frozen figure with whom u can do as u please, it’s scary to think what he could do without me saying a word, I wasn’t able to say anything, it was like I wasn’t there when it was happening, till this day I don’t understand it.

Honorata Czestochowska