Resistance 🫂

Good afternoon 😊

Here comes another video , I really wish you a wonderful and peaceful day 😊

A lot has been going on in my life but all for the best .

Blissful Day – daily outlook

Isn’t it wonderful how nature bless us with such an amazing views ❤️

It’s Saturday and this post is scheduled because I promised myself not to use my phone today .

I will visit our local park with my son and I also plan on recording some videos, as I previously mentioned, I’ll post video a day from May 1st so I have to get to work ASAP !

There is so many things I want to talk about, it makes me extremely excited, kinda feel like a excited toddler in a toy shop .

Anyway I really hope you can take some time for yourself today . Read your favourite book , drink your favourite coffee , eat your healthy foods and take a lovely walk to refresh and relax the body, Mind and soul 😊

Give yourself the love you have , stay present and don’t forget to smile .

Enjoy your weekend xoxo


Wednesday Night 🌙

🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 🏵 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹

Hello guys I hope you are all well .

Recently I feel like I am bending the reality a bit …. I feel amazing indeed and so at peace that I even surprise myself with that inner calm .

I have decided… that from 1st of May I will be posting for the entire month , but this time I will post one video a day … every day I’ll do some interesting subject (I hope )

I want to do it mainly for myself and to spread some positive insights hopefully as there is quite a lot of things I’d love to talk about but I dont really have a person I can truly exchange thoughts with , so I hope to get some of your attention and have a discussion 😊

I think I might record few videos , on the day I feel the most talkative, as usually I’d prefer to mind my own stuff and not to overthink what’s going on on the deep dark side of our lives . There are certain days on which i feel like i want to dive deep and learn , on others i simply cry whenever I try to do so, and so it’s obvious I’d not do it then, yet I’d like to have a video to post on daily basis , so that trick might actually work 😆

Ps . I was bored before bed so I made this calendar

Down below if you’d like pdf to print it out x

So I wish you sweet and peaceful night 🌙 Till the next time my loves ❤️

Vacation dream

Greece , crete. Vacation. Holiday.  Sea. Sea shore 
Summer time 
Sunny day

I knew I was a little but delusional thinking that I can easily do all the wall painting and doors and basically everything.

Not that I haven’t done it . I indeed did it. But I cant feel my hand nor legs. Last few days I’m working non stop and if its not in house its my business and if not that I’ll have another one. Garden ! I want to plant something and I hope ill manage to do this this month , all up from the weather if I have to be honest.

Soon it will be summer and I’ll be travelling a lot so I just want to have everything perfect at home , so I just can do whatever I like during the summer break ☀️

In August I have a wedding, my Little brother have found the one . <let’s hope ill find the one too > one day haha

I’m shattered today and all I want is a hot bath and just read some book 📖 I really need vacation now…. 🇬🇷 please wait a little bit, we will have a lot of amazing days together ❤️

Can’t wait to watch the sunset ,sunrise , the sea and the atmosphere of the Greek Island. I have been there so many times and I truly believe I could live there, it feels like home there.

I hope you all have a lovely evening 😊


Stop Chasing

I don’t chase . I attract ❤

Today I have really felt soo feminine . Totally at peace with myself, with my body . Loving the ones who loves me and appreciating the changes I see around me .

I have a friend of mine from few years ago ,who came back recently and we are back in contact, like everyday. I have thought that people don’t really change much, but the way he has changed , it’s unbelievable, it’s beautiful change and he is an amazing person , he has always been great but now what we have is a real connection.

Life might not always be easy on us . But it sure teaches us and show us that no matter what THIS TOO SHALL PASS 🤍

Happy Tuesday 😊

Attracting Perfect Relationship Affirmations

I give my heart, ready to receive the heart of another.

I am loved more than I ever thought possible.

I am making room for an amazing partner in my life!

My partner shows me deep, passionate love.

I deserve love and affection

I am attracting the perfect person for me.

I deserve to be happy in my relationship.

I am surrounded by love

I am swept up in romance!

I deserve mind-blowing passion in my relationship.

It’s gonna be okay

Finally at peace with myself

Even though it has not been the easiest week , I must say I was strong enough to get through so many difficulties and Im proud to say that I have never thought ill ever be this strong.

I was so used to being scared cat. Scared of everything, even my own shadow. 😂

Thankfully it has changed for better and I’m not afraid to speak what’s bothers me and what I see as not right in my life .

I just want to improve myself and be more and more courageous day by day , not to hold back and do what makes me happy ! Truly happy!

Life is really too short to hold grudges or to focus on people who can’t appreciate you . ✌ ☮ 🕊

Once and for all , I’ll never let anyone walk all over me . ✌

Today I was hoping to get a good rest before my last night shift ,unfortunately more drama came out from work. Not necessarily something I like , I’d say i even hate the fact that people thrive of drama and of other people feeling bad.

I have decided that I’ll be honest and so I went on with future steps to make sure , some people get what they deserve.

I’m last to complain on anyone , last to make any statements which could hurt someone , but I really am over , hearing from everyone around, how someone is talking behind my back and I just do nothing. I have done what I should and let’s say that tables have turned.

At least Im not a liar and I speak facts . Not BS.

Stay focused and done let ppl walk all over you x