It’s me again

It has been such a long time since I last posted anything.

Life has been truly busy ! In the most positive way , probably the way I’d never even expect it to be .

Quite often I was writing here on my experience with Law of attraction and manifesting and of course there was many wonderful things which happened for me , however I have noticed that the best way to get what you want , is by simply being it .

Well , of course it might seem like not so simple to accomplish, especially when we don’t know what exactly we want from life and it is okay .

The one thing I know for sure now , is that it will be beneficial to at least know , what you don’t want from life and start from there .

So getting back to myself, I have received something I would never expect, even though i have been manifesting this for so long. Why won’t I expect it ? Well , I would but from the completely different person.

And whats even more beautiful, is that it came so unexpected and fast ,that i have had no time to even think what is going on . It was here and thats it . I’m in love and im loved by someone, that person is amazing and loves me just the way I am .

I feel like my heart wants to jump out of my chest while I write it. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. I thought I really thought that I know what love is , I knew how to give but not how to receive, not because I was closed off but because the person I used to chase was not in love with me . Seem like a sad thing but I honestly can’t thank God enough for what has happened.

I let go of the old and opened myself to be truly loved , I received it almost immediately.

Guys please, never lose hope . One thing I’m sure of is that if you want love , choose love , not the person you think will give it to you. Usually we don’t see the blocks and we think our love will be enough for both but it won’t be .

You deserve to be loved and adored and respected. Let go of the old and allow whatever is meant for you to show up ❀️‍πŸ”₯

I feel truly blessed and you can’t even imagine how much my life has changed since .

Please don’t get it wrong, I don’t need anyone and i know it ,very well know it, but as soon as i opened myself and let go , I have received more than I could ever ask for and I think it’s simply wonderful .


Hold tight or let go ?

Good morning everyone πŸ’«

Why it’s hard to let go of someone , is it because we love that person so much or maybe we fear the idea of being abandoned by them ?

After some long time , some of us will get to the point where you will feel like you were neglecting yourself, while chasing the love of someone else. Their love isn’t more important, their love isn’t better than what you can give yourself.

In fact you not allowing yourself to let go , makes it triple as strong and necessary as it actually is .

We do need love and we are love. We are not in position and we never should beg anyone for love . Who are we ,how much we don’t feel worth of being loved , to actually beg someone ,and be with someone who doesn’t seem to bother about us at all.

One sided love is pain, then we hear people say that love is pain , while love isn’t pain , our choices are painful, because if we would truly work on and love ourselves, we won’t allow them situations to happen and we would choose someone who is choosing us .


How to manifest anything you want .

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I have seen so many videos ,where they teach about manifesting ,and with each new video they have new formula to follow , manifesting is something we do even without being aware of it, but I know we all want to understand the world we live in ,and we try all possible moves we can to kind of fit it and don’t lose in the game , we want to become masters at manifesting

Yet we don’t understand that we already are mastering this art of manifesting , the only problem is ,we don’t control our thoughts and that’s why we have unwanted circumstance in our life , lack of money, rejection etc .

We think we cant manifest but that’s BS its our natural ability ,whether you believe it or not ,and since thoughts manifest , id rather be mindful of those .

We tend to believe more someone on the internet then ourselves , for example we know something works well for us , but someone will tell us its not the way to do it , the right way is my way ,then we change it and we end up with unwanted results ,since we believed more in what someone else said than what we know to be true for us .

You manifest your entire life , and it has never been hard ,yet now it seems like you cant do it , the mindset itself makes it hard so it will be very good to start with what you telling yourself .

Stop saying things like , I cant do it , everyone else does but not me , I don’t believe it will happen , its not for me , etc its BS but even though it is BS this BS will manifest in your reality by not giving you what you want but by giving you what you fear and don’t want , so whether u like it or not , you are master at manifesting , its your choice to chose what you will manifest from now on .

This is your life and you and only you are in the power to create what you love . Manifesting doesn’t need to make sense , its not logical , nobody even ask you to believe in manifestation , its here and always will be , its up to you , how you will choose to use it , for you or against you , remember you are not the victim of the circumstance , you create your life based on your assumptions , so always make sure to check yourself , because there is really no one to change but yourself .

Honorata Czestochowska
Honorata Czestochowska

Don’t unintentionally hand over your freedom

From today’s Daily Stoic


If a person gave away your body to some passerby, you’d be furious. Yet you hand over your mind to anyone that comes along, so they may abuse you , leaving it disturbed and troubled- have you no shame in that .

Epictetus, Enchiridion, 28

It could not be more true than that , we do not allow our body to be taken away from us . Yet we have no problem to give away hrs of pointless thinking ,quite often overthinking about other people, giving them power over our mind.

Making different scenarios of how we could handle the situation. While when the time was right to do it , we had not much to say . Now all of the sudden we have a comeback and we relive the situation in our head by hrs , days and so on .

We can’t change the past ,that’s for certain. But we can and we should change the perspective from which we look at them events.

You can try to be perfect , but you never will achieve that . It is better to live as flawed individual who loves the flaws and who know its that what makes him who he is, than cry over the fact that perfection is not something we can’t achieve.

We are absolutely perfect in our not so perfect ways. Flaws makes us humans , we learn , love, live and give as much as we feel . Don’t blame yourself for things you did in the past , only because now you know better . Back then you did what you knew better at that time .


Affirmations to BOOST Your Confidence

I trust myself, I believe in me and I have confidence in myself.

I am brave , I am bold , I am strong !

I deserve the best and I accept the best

I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I am in control

I have endless possibilities

I am making my dreams a reality

I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and choices

I am courageous and I stand up for myself

Today is going to be a great day

Love & Light πŸ’• H .

Seek Happiness

What does that phrase “seek happiness ” mean ?

In todays world , people think of happiness as doing and experiencing things ,they enjoy.

Perhaps happiness would involve , eating your favourite food , going out with your friends , exotic holidays , buying new bag you always dreamt of and such things ,which would bring you the joy in the moment ,like reading a book curled up in bed.

All of those are certainly an ingredients of a good life as stated by Aristotle , but he did not believe that it is the best way to live life by going out and seeking pleasure in these ways.

In his view that would not be a good life , we might feel like those things bring us happiness , but is it a happiness or some sort of pleasant sensation?

We are used to think that happiness is about how we feel and nothing more !.

Think of a flower. If you water it, give it enough light ,maybe feed it a little, then it will grow and bloom. If you neglect it ,keep it in the dark, let insects nibble its leaves, allow it to dry out, it will wilt and die ,or at best end up as a very unattractive plant. Human being can flourish like plants too, though unlike plants we make choice for our self! We decide what we want to do and be .

From Aristotle perspective , happiness is the sense of overall achievement in life, and what can be affected by others you care about , which shows that events outside your control and knowledge affect that. He also believed that whether you are happy or not depends partly on good luck.

The main question ,we might ask is What can we do to increase our chance of happiness? and Aristotle answer to that question is Develop the right kind of character.! by feeling the right kind of emotions at the right time ,you will be led to behave well.

Good patterns and behaviours are virtues; bad ones are vices.

β€” Aristotle

Honorata Czestochowska
Honorata Czestochowska