It’s me again

It has been such a long time since I last posted anything.

Life has been truly busy ! In the most positive way , probably the way I’d never even expect it to be .

Quite often I was writing here on my experience with Law of attraction and manifesting and of course there was many wonderful things which happened for me , however I have noticed that the best way to get what you want , is by simply being it .

Well , of course it might seem like not so simple to accomplish, especially when we don’t know what exactly we want from life and it is okay .

The one thing I know for sure now , is that it will be beneficial to at least know , what you don’t want from life and start from there .

So getting back to myself, I have received something I would never expect, even though i have been manifesting this for so long. Why won’t I expect it ? Well , I would but from the completely different person.

And whats even more beautiful, is that it came so unexpected and fast ,that i have had no time to even think what is going on . It was here and thats it . I’m in love and im loved by someone, that person is amazing and loves me just the way I am .

I feel like my heart wants to jump out of my chest while I write it. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. I thought I really thought that I know what love is , I knew how to give but not how to receive, not because I was closed off but because the person I used to chase was not in love with me . Seem like a sad thing but I honestly can’t thank God enough for what has happened.

I let go of the old and opened myself to be truly loved , I received it almost immediately.

Guys please, never lose hope . One thing I’m sure of is that if you want love , choose love , not the person you think will give it to you. Usually we don’t see the blocks and we think our love will be enough for both but it won’t be .

You deserve to be loved and adored and respected. Let go of the old and allow whatever is meant for you to show up ❤️‍🔥

I feel truly blessed and you can’t even imagine how much my life has changed since .

Please don’t get it wrong, I don’t need anyone and i know it ,very well know it, but as soon as i opened myself and let go , I have received more than I could ever ask for and I think it’s simply wonderful .


Attracting Perfect Relationship Affirmations

I give my heart, ready to receive the heart of another.

I am loved more than I ever thought possible.

I am making room for an amazing partner in my life!

My partner shows me deep, passionate love.

I deserve love and affection

I am attracting the perfect person for me.

I deserve to be happy in my relationship.

I am surrounded by love

I am swept up in romance!

I deserve mind-blowing passion in my relationship.

Affirmations to BOOST Your Confidence

I trust myself, I believe in me and I have confidence in myself.

I am brave , I am bold , I am strong !

I deserve the best and I accept the best

I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I am in control

I have endless possibilities

I am making my dreams a reality

I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and choices

I am courageous and I stand up for myself

Today is going to be a great day

Love & Light 💕 H .


You need to learn how to be your own hype man ! (Or woman in my case)

Of course it does not mean people will not cheer you up or not help you achieve some sort of good results , but if you own it and know that no matter what ,you have YOU ! YOU WON !

Way too often , we look on sides ( left and right ) to see if what we do , will be approved by others . The fact that we do what we love , doesn’t even come as close to be important as the opinion of someone else, where it should really be more about ,what we want to do, it’s our life and we should live it in the way we want .

It’s unfortunate that whether it is home related, parenting, relationship etc we try to seek some sort of approval from others .

We don’t need nobody’s approval to live our life . Quite often people will tell you to dim your light, just to fit in ,and for me thats definitely not the purpose of my life .

I have made so many “mistakes” in the past and to be honest , I should have hide and never speak again , believe me ,some of them mistakes try to hunt me , but thankfully I’m more aware than ever and I don’t let that slide into my mind for longer than a minute.

Last night was pretty challenging in that case , because it was like some sort of thunder in my head , where all bad memories were coming at me like crazy , and at first I thought ” what the hell is going on ” but quickly I recognised that I have triggered myself by affirmations.

Building new self concept ain’t easy ,let me be honest with you. You tell yourself I AM WORTHY OF LOVE and then memories from the past failed relationships comes in and be like ,oh you are not and its just going down like crazy , your mind brings back every single wrong thing you have done and try to keep you in that “comfort” .

I don’t want that comfort anymore . I’m building new ME and no matter how hard my mind will try to make me think of those past events , I know that eventually it will give up .

I’m behind the wheel now and I will not let myself get off track. Especially after last night, it was truly therapeutic and traumatic. I was constantly affirming, getting glimpse of past and then changing the narrative and explaining to myself, that no matter what it was , I was learning, experiencing and getting to know who am I. So at the end it was worth it .

Never give up on yourself. Seek within and you will get all the answers you need to move beyond limitations. ✨


Build up your confidence

You are holding such a power ,yet you keep doubting your abilities! Please stop ✋

Give yourself small tasks and build up your confidence. This is the best way to test yourself and test your beliefs .

The very moment you start , you have already won.

You are one and only and nobody can compete with you. You also don’t need to compete with anybody .

Everyday we get new opportunity to start fresh . Make this day count as a blessing.

Love and light ✨


I can’t stop crying

My eyes water constantly because small things I have not noticed before give me so much joy 🥰

Today I feel like a crazy person, I’m constantly smiling and if someone see me ,they for sure will think that something must have happened but no ,nothing really happened, apart from me being overjoyed with life at the moment.

I have understood that I’m the one in charge and either I will be happy or sad and since being sad is not an option.

I’m choosing to find things to be happy about literally all the time ! I had a glimpse of that feeling a month ago , I was so happy that I cried while I was driving and at that moment I knew I have it all but it didn’t last long it was just a glimpse.

Not to say I’m a sad person , I’m rather positive but this what I feel now is the best feeling I have ever had , I think I can thank working on self concept, it really change the way you think but what’s more important for me is the joy I have now .

My eyes water constantly because small things I have not noticed before give me so much joy 🥰

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend x stay blessed and love yourself a bit more each day 💓


Late Night Feelings

Did you ever wanted something so bad ,that it hurt your soul?

Have you ever asked yourself what is it for ?

Did the day it became true ,shocked your heart

Why you still doubting yourself , when it came to pass ?

Let the unknown do the work for you

Stay in the faith of knowing its true

The day soon will come and will make you smile

You will then know that what you want now, it too shall pass .

Belive in magic xoxo

Honorata Czestochowska

How to keep the faith in the unseen?

I think its not easy to do that, until you fully realise, that you are the one, that is making the rules.

Once you start believing that you have all the power, necessary to realise your deepest desires, you are a step closer. You need to know, that nobody can do it but you, you are the operant power, your thinking is making, everything come true. I know many people are still going to say, that this kind of thinking is delusional, that you are giving yourself a fake hope, but nothing about it is fake.

The truth is, you and only you decide, what you will get from life. I know its hard at times, because even though, you will work on being aware of what you are thinking, opposing thoughts, will try to come and destroy and put you back in you place, that place is your old self, but we need to fight it, never agree with statements, that doesn’t bring us what we want. If you want to cry about it, cry but don’t forget to affirm the thing you want or change the narrative.

I think sometimes, actually quite often, we put so much pressure on ourselves, we think that everything has to happen instantly, for us to believe that we actually made it. but its not how it works, some things, will come instantly and others will need some time, but it’s always the right time. you should not put yourself down, instead of victimising the circumstances and people and yourself, flip the script to you advantage. You have one life, and you should know, that you can live it, the way you want. There is nothing wrong with wanting money, love, relationship, material things etc, it’s all here for us to use and enjoy.

Written by Honorata Czestochowska

The Principle of Gender- The Kybalion

“Gender is everything, everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles,Gender manifests on all planes.”

This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything- the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the Mental and even the Spiritual Planes. On the Physical Plane, the Principle manifests as SEX, on the higher planes it takes higher forms ,but the principle is ever the same .

No creation, Physical,mental or spiritual, is possible without this Principle. An understanding of its laws will throw light on many a subject that has perplexed the minds of men. The Principle of Gender works ever in the direction of generation,regeneration, and creation. Everything, and every person, contains the two Elements or Principles,or this great Principle, within it, him or her. Every Male thing has the Female Element also,every female contains also the Male Principle. If you would understand the philosophy of Mental and Spiritual Creation,Generation,and regeneration, you must understand and study this Hermetic Principle.

It contains the solution of many mysteries of Life. We caution you that this Principle has no reference to the many base,pernicious and degrading lustful theories, teaching and practices,which are taught under fanciful titles,and which are a prostitution of the great natural Principle od Gender. Such base revivals of the ancient infamous forms of Phallicism tend to ruin mind, body and soul,and the Hermetic Philosophy has ever sounded the warning note against these degraded teachings which tend toward lust,licentiousness,and perversion of Nature’s Principles.

If you seek such teachings,you must go elsewhere for them ,Hermeticism contains nothing for you along these lines. To the pure, all things are pure,to the base,all things are base.

The Kybalion – Hermetic Philosophy

Three Initiates

Am I God ?

It is truly amazing how our mind works . We are easily able to “predict” aka manifest the things we don’t want ,but when it comes to our deepest desires , we lack faith and think it’s too good to be true . There is no difference if you want bad or good , poor or rich , ill or healthy ,as long as you assume yourself to be one or another ,thats what you are becoming.

God ,consciousness, is within us. We should practice trusting God ,who is your consciousness ,there is nothing outside of us to look for . You have all the answers . You can be anything you desire to be, but you have to look within and claim it . You don’t need to beg God to bring you good and richness and health. By affirming I am healthy, that’s what you are, and the same comes with affirming for other things ,you must claim ,that what you want is already yours .

Many will not understand, more yet ,will think is inappropriate to claim yourself to be a God ,yet thats what the Bible is telling us ,and we know that Bible is symbolic and everything to be understood, must be not only read ,we can’t read the Bible and take it as it is , everything has its meaning . I feel like many people would benefit from actually understanding what Bible is trying to deliver in order for us to live the life ,we all dream of .