Affirmations to BOOST Your Confidence

I trust myself, I believe in me and I have confidence in myself.

I am brave , I am bold , I am strong !

I deserve the best and I accept the best

I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I am in control

I have endless possibilities

I am making my dreams a reality

I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and choices

I am courageous and I stand up for myself

Today is going to be a great day

Love & Light πŸ’• H .

When in doubt….

Sometimes we need to understand that we are standing in the damn door to our own happiness .!

That we are blocking ourselves from all the amazing things ,which could be given unto us ! If only we could relax a bit and not overthink every situation, circumstances and all the unnecessary things .

We like to have control over everything. Sad but true . We think that if we are about to receive something, then from logical point , we simply must know ,where is it coming from . But hey , by now we should know is utter BS !

Think how happy you were when you have received something you always dreamt of ! When you told yourself, that you would never imagined that it will come to you , especially the way it came and probably even the capacity!

So hey ,let’s make a deal. Except the unexpected, go with the flow and always, but seriously guys ! ALWAYS! repeat to yourself WHAT’S IN FRONT OF ME IS UNKNOWN BUT ALWAYS IN MY FAVOUR. Or whatever statement aka affirmation you would like to use . When in doubt or about to overthink, repeat it like a mantra ! MAKE IT YOUR MANTRA ! To expect only positive outcomes in all areas of your life , whether is love , health, financial etc .

We deserve it ,and it’s time to start claiming what’s yours ! ❀

Love H.

I feel like sometimes it doesn’t really makes any sense .

I am kind and understanding

I am powerful human being

I am strong and brave

I face my fears and move beyond my limitations

I am truly myself now

I have been trying to fit in for so long

I have been clinging to things which put me down ,not realising I have the power to change it

There are days however, when I am doubtful of myself

When I’m impatient

Triggered by silly things

Don’t feel like I can trust anyone

Not worthy of love and so ashamed of being the person who can break someone else’s heart without even noticing the pain its causing.

The understanding comes often in waves and after some time . Usually its too late ,even to get a chance to apologise.

I’m full of joy and gratitude today and yet, memories of the past has creeped in now as I sit and relax , often I think , how long the healing takes , just to understand that each time ,we heal different part of ourselves.

I’m grateful for the past and people I have met and no matter where you are and what you do. I wish you well ❀


Honorata Czestochowska
Honorata Czestochowska

Genetic Changes

We used to think that we are at the mercy of our DNA, that genes created disease. We assumed that if someone in our family havw died of heart disease, then we have pretty hight chance of also developing heart disease.

But Science of Epigenetic tells us that it’s not the gene that creates disease but the environment, which is programming our genes to create disease. It is both internal and external environment which creates it .

External environment -cigarettes smoke or pesticides .

Internal environment- the one outside our cells. By saying internal, which is also called within our body, I mean emotions which are chemical feedbacks, the end product is experience we have in our external environment, that produce the emotions. Internal chemistry can signal genes to either turn on or turn off.

Turn on – up – regulating or producing an increased expression of the gene.

Turn off – down- regulating ,or producing a decreased expression of the gene.

Gene itself doesn’t physically change, the expression of the gene changes, and that expression is what matter the most ,because it affects our health and lives.

Honorata Czestochowska

And here I’m …

Yesterday’s picture πŸ“Έ

I had a big plans to spend today on writing and studying, but life sometimes takes different turn … now I’m stuck in bed ,my foot is swollen and the only thing I’m able to do is crawl … well being in bed should not be a thing to complain about ,I know . But having a child and other responsibilities it’s literally the last thing you wanna do on Monday ! Or any other day to be honest.

Now I just hope the pain will go away so I can live again. It’s crazy how we don’t appreciate simple things ,like being able to walk … I sure will from now on ,put even more mind onto those simple things ❀ there is always something to be grateful for . And I don’t take it as something bad ,it was meant to happen , I’m constantly on the run and sure I needed a rest , and here I’m in my bed ,doing just that x .

It’s really not what happens to you that makes you mad ,sad and angry but how you look at what has happened. Sometimes it’s blessing in disguise. Slow down today and make YOU a priority 😌 ( prioritise yourself everyday ,but slow down and breath in this moment )

I hope you will stay safe and take a good care of yourselves πŸ’‹

Honorata Czestochowska

Late Night Feelings

Did you ever wanted something so bad ,that it hurt your soul?

Have you ever asked yourself what is it for ?

Did the day it became true ,shocked your heart

Why you still doubting yourself , when it came to pass ?

Let the unknown do the work for you

Stay in the faith of knowing its true

The day soon will come and will make you smile

You will then know that what you want now, it too shall pass .

Belive in magic xoxo

Honorata Czestochowska

Story of the past

Good or bad ,they stay with us forever πŸ’•

Few months went by and we have only seen each other few times while he was visiting my brothers , nothing big ,we barely talked with each other as I was too shy to even open my mouth and for me he was like a God , then one day something amazing happened , he gave me his mobile number and I was overjoyed and the happiest I could ever be , however there was a problem , the only phone I could use was my home phone and it would be way too expensive to make a call as I knew my parents would find out , mobile phones were not that famous back then , especially not for a child , just way too expensive and nobody would buy you one like nowadays parents does , yet that didn’t stop me from communicating with him , I was always doing one thing , I called his number and after hearing the beep I would hang out and he would call me back , we have done it hundreds of times and it always worked , looking back I don’t see why I did all that , our conversations were blunt , we barely spoke about anything , he just complimented me for few min and that was it …

Sure he knew what he was doing , as with time that was something I wanted the most , to hear his voice and what he has to say about me , like I was looking for approval of being worthy ,I can’t imagine doing that now and sometimes it makes me feel sick looking at my past behavior , now at the age of 32 I understand so much more than when I was 14 years old yet I still blame myself at time at what has happened in the past when I was a child who needed love more than anything.

Honorata Czestochowska

Day Off with my Bestie

Today was the one of them days ,when i felt happiest.. and there is no hidden agenda behind it ,why then i felt this way ? I think i just allowed myself to be happy in the moment i was going through.

I had a great day ,woke up and meditated for half an hour ,then i was ready to start the day , preparing breakfast and my son to school is a normal thing but today i felt its so good to be able to do those things , how many times i did not appreciate the things i have ,which many people are praying for …im truly grateful for my life , my health and for every single person ,who has ever came to my life , it had tough me lessons ,not always a good ones but in the end sun always comes out .

After dropping my son to school, i have met my best friend ,which happen to be my own sister , we understand each other on all levels and I’m so happy we have each other ,we went for a little shopping, then we sat in starbuck and as always she complained because I have ordered her large coffee … i love her anyway β™‘ after that we went to get some food and previously i won’t see it as anything special ,but today i have realised that im the luckiest person ,because I have that one special someone who i can trust with my life ,she don’t judge me ,she is always there for me ,and im the same for her . I have always beaten myself up because i did really struggled to fins friends, or maybe i could not trust anyone and now having her ,has opened me to give trust to more people and to only focus on good in others .

We all have difficult times I our life ,but let’s for a moment look at the future and don’t look back at what was . You only can change how you perceive the past and with it come peace. Understanding is really the key and mastery to be happy , don’t judge ,just love .

Honorata czestochowska

#1 Becoming Supernatural – Book Review

Today I’d love to show you and talk a little bit about the books which has helped me, while going through my journey .

In short I’ll introduce the ones I love the most and which gave me the most of knowledge and understanding.Β I have read them multiple times ,and each time I get more from them ,or should I say my understanding deeper.

Today I will start with Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

  • Becoming Supernatural is one of my favourite ones , I have read this one many times and each time I see more and more , at first when I bought this book , I have thought ,its not for me , I need something more spiritual , so in overall I just forced myself to meditate daily and always have put myself in the lack mindset ,hoping that by meditation I will be able to bring something back into my life . that wasn’t really the drive I should have ,I have been always focusing on someone else, and trying to change someone else ,instead of changing the way I am. Thankfully with the time I understood more ,and thanks to other books I also deepened my believe that I’m the one who runs this mind of mine . So at this moment I’m practicing mindfulness meditation to change the way I’m and not expecting anything outside of me to change in order to be happy and loved. This book had a huge impact on my self love journey, I start to see changes and the feelings I get from meditations are truly amazing , I don’t have lack mindset anymore when I sit to my meditation , I always put the focus on me and on who I want to be ,not like before ,when always some else was a priority. It also shows how important it is , to never give up on yourself. I highly recommend if you haven’t yet , to read or listen to this book ,because it will wide open your eyes on endless possibilities ,which are all within you. Meditations provided in this book are very impactful ,and I’m sure they will help many people ,there is also Mind movie meditation with the use of kaleidoscope , which will put you in the trance ,so you will neurologically map new input from your mind movie. Another great one is walking meditation , this one is to train your body to stay in the feeling even after your meditation , you will start to be more present and less responsive for longer, you know that feeling after you finish your meditation , your heart is open and you just feel amazing , we want to keep it that way for as long as possible ,and walking meditation is giving us this possibility. There is so many other things to mention, like the stories of people who have become Supernatural by practicing meditation ,and I would advise anyone to read this book and at least try to give it a go.

Honorata Czestochowska

The Present Moment

Let me tell you in a few words, how important it is to practice and master the present moment which we also call eternal now.

If you ever been wanting to heal yourself, your body, create new experiences which would go beyond your imagination, then mastering the present moment, is where you should start.

Most people will understand the basic idea of what it is to be in the present moment, they know that they must be now and here, and not to think about the past or future. In the Becoming Supernatural, we are given a completely different concept of how to practice that.

β€œit’s going to require that you get beyond the physical world- including your body, your identity, and your environment- and even beyond time itself.”

We are told that by using this concept, we will be turning possibility into reality, and for me that statement, makes me want to practice that even more.

You will have to get out of your own way, we need to transcend the memory we hold of ourselves as an identity, and allow to be taken over by mystical experience, something much greater than you.

Our mind is a record of all your experiences, and what you have learned in the past.

Our experience creates emotions and also, they enhance brain circuity.

The stronger the emotions are in certain situations and events, the stronger the experience it leaves in your brain, if we keep maintaining those emotions, we will create a connection, and so with repetition of a thought, choice and behaviour, neurons fire and wire together and they will sustain a long-term relationship.

Source of information – Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Honorata Czestochowska