There are people, who will try to come back into your life .

Those very same people, who left without word .

People who never thought you are worth explanation , apologies or simple I am not interested anymore.

All of those however, are basic things . Yet basic and strong enough to keep us bondage to behaviours which we should cut at the very first time .

People will try you , cross your line . And I already feel sorry for whoever is living a life without setting the boundaries.

No boundaries = no self love . You will agree to anything and never see a problem in disrespect. You will not be able to notice when someone tries to manipulate or gaslight you .

You are very easy target and because of that , so many of us will become a victim of someone , even when at first we will think of it in a quite opposite way .

I know however that , as we start to heal and learn to set boundaries, we take greater care of ourselves, we don’t agree with the concept of being a victim anymore and we don’t let anyone or anything slip and do whatever they want to do.

Yes we create our reality, and what we think is real is nothing but a dream, yet we live in this dream and its really up to us , whether we choose to live in heaven or hell .

Good night 🌙 ✨️

Only because you thirsty , doesn’t mean you should drink the poison .

Wednesday Night 🌙

🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 🏵 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹

Hello guys I hope you are all well .

Recently I feel like I am bending the reality a bit …. I feel amazing indeed and so at peace that I even surprise myself with that inner calm .

I have decided… that from 1st of May I will be posting for the entire month , but this time I will post one video a day … every day I’ll do some interesting subject (I hope )

I want to do it mainly for myself and to spread some positive insights hopefully as there is quite a lot of things I’d love to talk about but I dont really have a person I can truly exchange thoughts with , so I hope to get some of your attention and have a discussion 😊

I think I might record few videos , on the day I feel the most talkative, as usually I’d prefer to mind my own stuff and not to overthink what’s going on on the deep dark side of our lives . There are certain days on which i feel like i want to dive deep and learn , on others i simply cry whenever I try to do so, and so it’s obvious I’d not do it then, yet I’d like to have a video to post on daily basis , so that trick might actually work 😆

Ps . I was bored before bed so I made this calendar

Down below if you’d like pdf to print it out x

So I wish you sweet and peaceful night 🌙 Till the next time my loves ❤️

Vivid Dream

Vivid dreams are scary and amazing at the same time .

I woke up in the morning, feeling like I have been awake at least for the half of the night , the dreams so wild I can’t even explain.

Whatever has been going on yesterday in my life, had a vivid expression I my dream state , silly things like a conversation about guys painting their nails ,which for me is not a big deal , came in my dream ,I literally saw one of my guy friend having his nails painted ,but what’s wild is the pattern he had painted.. . ☯️ ying and yang .

Yes I know its crazy to see such detail but I remember it very well . Another thing was , that same person telling someone else who am I.

The way he was speaking about me ,was simply love and adoration, and it amaze me ! Because for two weeks now. YES TWO WEEKS I have been meditating on releasing blockages between me and love and people I have seen in the way they didn’t deserve to be seen (bad way!) .

Also sexual part was there ,but I did not take part in it , I was barely watching it all happening and I think it’s crazy, considering my absence from that activity since early 2020 .

I don’t really know what to think but I feel like its all going in the right way.

Happy Friday for anyone reading this ❤💫

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