Sunday Good Morning 🙏

I am still in bed , I woke up early , probably before 8am (if that counts as early)

I have watched some YouTube video which was an hr long and after that I read the book I study now .

Today I have chosen to Fast . I feel like my body need it so much !

The fasting is from food only , I’ll still drink water and green tea etc

I have let myself have a little feast for the last 3 days due to some celebrations and now I feel so heavy , not weight wise but mentally heavy that fasting is the only way I can feel light mentally and physically 🪴💫

I have ended the yt videos phase as probably most of you can notice, I always try to do what I’m lead to , and now I’m lead to 2 weeks break, so I can fully focus on studying the book I currently read .

Since the beginning of the May till now , there was so many changes within me ,that I sometimes find it hard to believe when I see my past self . Not that I resent her or anything , but seeing clearly how did I perceived everything, makes me wonder , and makes me be so grateful for the development I have achieved with the help of amazing people I met on my journey. Most of which are online but that does not take away the importance of their lessons to me .

I only wish love and peace upon all of you and I know this is meant for all of us .

Love Honorata x

May 1st – First Video .

Hello beautiful 💫 as I promised I recorded a video , it is very short indeed but its the first one as since I really had no time to do more , I felt like I was taken by surprise that today is already May 1st.

Let me tell you something… times flies when you enjoy your life .


Tomorrow I’ll do my best to post longer one and actually to talk more about the things which are important for me and you hopefully. Xoxo

Girl pose 
Spiritual girl
Girl in black top
Blonde girl

How not to get mad

My Friend Antonio has send me this beautiful photo 📸

I did what I said . ! I wanted to rest and I did , nevermind that I felt terrible

I need to be more clear about what they heck i want . Just now ! Like now ! And it’s 9pm I got rid of the headache which was here since Friday 😫

But there is one thing I’m proud of … I managed not to take any painkillers, it would be just a waste as for me the kind of headache I had , never goes away with painkillers, it has to pass on its own or with a little bit of yoga.

So thank God I’m functioning again as I need to tailor my son’s school trousers as probably some of you are aware , school is back on tomorrow 🙌

And so work life is back , but that’s something I’m not resenting anymore, because I truly love what I do !

Have a lovely night and so much love ❤️



You need to learn how to be your own hype man ! (Or woman in my case)

Of course it does not mean people will not cheer you up or not help you achieve some sort of good results , but if you own it and know that no matter what ,you have YOU ! YOU WON !

Way too often , we look on sides ( left and right ) to see if what we do , will be approved by others . The fact that we do what we love , doesn’t even come as close to be important as the opinion of someone else, where it should really be more about ,what we want to do, it’s our life and we should live it in the way we want .

It’s unfortunate that whether it is home related, parenting, relationship etc we try to seek some sort of approval from others .

We don’t need nobody’s approval to live our life . Quite often people will tell you to dim your light, just to fit in ,and for me thats definitely not the purpose of my life .

I have made so many “mistakes” in the past and to be honest , I should have hide and never speak again , believe me ,some of them mistakes try to hunt me , but thankfully I’m more aware than ever and I don’t let that slide into my mind for longer than a minute.

Last night was pretty challenging in that case , because it was like some sort of thunder in my head , where all bad memories were coming at me like crazy , and at first I thought ” what the hell is going on ” but quickly I recognised that I have triggered myself by affirmations.

Building new self concept ain’t easy ,let me be honest with you. You tell yourself I AM WORTHY OF LOVE and then memories from the past failed relationships comes in and be like ,oh you are not and its just going down like crazy , your mind brings back every single wrong thing you have done and try to keep you in that “comfort” .

I don’t want that comfort anymore . I’m building new ME and no matter how hard my mind will try to make me think of those past events , I know that eventually it will give up .

I’m behind the wheel now and I will not let myself get off track. Especially after last night, it was truly therapeutic and traumatic. I was constantly affirming, getting glimpse of past and then changing the narrative and explaining to myself, that no matter what it was , I was learning, experiencing and getting to know who am I. So at the end it was worth it .

Never give up on yourself. Seek within and you will get all the answers you need to move beyond limitations. ✨


I can’t stop crying

My eyes water constantly because small things I have not noticed before give me so much joy 🥰

Today I feel like a crazy person, I’m constantly smiling and if someone see me ,they for sure will think that something must have happened but no ,nothing really happened, apart from me being overjoyed with life at the moment.

I have understood that I’m the one in charge and either I will be happy or sad and since being sad is not an option.

I’m choosing to find things to be happy about literally all the time ! I had a glimpse of that feeling a month ago , I was so happy that I cried while I was driving and at that moment I knew I have it all but it didn’t last long it was just a glimpse.

Not to say I’m a sad person , I’m rather positive but this what I feel now is the best feeling I have ever had , I think I can thank working on self concept, it really change the way you think but what’s more important for me is the joy I have now .

My eyes water constantly because small things I have not noticed before give me so much joy 🥰

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend x stay blessed and love yourself a bit more each day 💓