Sunday Good Morning 🙏

I am still in bed , I woke up early , probably before 8am (if that counts as early)

I have watched some YouTube video which was an hr long and after that I read the book I study now .

Today I have chosen to Fast . I feel like my body need it so much !

The fasting is from food only , I’ll still drink water and green tea etc

I have let myself have a little feast for the last 3 days due to some celebrations and now I feel so heavy , not weight wise but mentally heavy that fasting is the only way I can feel light mentally and physically ðŸŠīðŸ’Ŧ

I have ended the yt videos phase as probably most of you can notice, I always try to do what I’m lead to , and now I’m lead to 2 weeks break, so I can fully focus on studying the book I currently read .

Since the beginning of the May till now , there was so many changes within me ,that I sometimes find it hard to believe when I see my past self . Not that I resent her or anything , but seeing clearly how did I perceived everything, makes me wonder , and makes me be so grateful for the development I have achieved with the help of amazing people I met on my journey. Most of which are online but that does not take away the importance of their lessons to me .

I only wish love and peace upon all of you and I know this is meant for all of us .

Love Honorata x


Happy Saturday to everyone ðŸĪŽ

Today I have decided to read a little bit about karma . Im sure someone will find it useful as much as I do in those times , where I seek deeper understanding of what is and what isn’t.

I wish you all a wonderful Saturday and loads of love and peace 💓

Honorata xoxo