Resistance 🫂

Good afternoon 😊

Here comes another video , I really wish you a wonderful and peaceful day 😊

A lot has been going on in my life but all for the best .

A Course In Miracles

Hello everyone 🤗

How are you doing this week? I hope everything is working out well for you x

I have been focusing on myself quite a lot and thr journey I have decided to take myself on is intriguing and it makes me truly at peace .

I have started reading A Course In Miracles and so today’s video is a little bit from the book .

I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday ❤️ 🙏 ✨️

May 1st – First Video .

Hello beautiful 💫 as I promised I recorded a video , it is very short indeed but its the first one as since I really had no time to do more , I felt like I was taken by surprise that today is already May 1st.

Let me tell you something… times flies when you enjoy your life .


Tomorrow I’ll do my best to post longer one and actually to talk more about the things which are important for me and you hopefully. Xoxo

Girl pose 
Spiritual girl
Girl in black top
Blonde girl

Wednesday Night 🌙

🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 🏵 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹

Hello guys I hope you are all well .

Recently I feel like I am bending the reality a bit …. I feel amazing indeed and so at peace that I even surprise myself with that inner calm .

I have decided… that from 1st of May I will be posting for the entire month , but this time I will post one video a day … every day I’ll do some interesting subject (I hope )

I want to do it mainly for myself and to spread some positive insights hopefully as there is quite a lot of things I’d love to talk about but I dont really have a person I can truly exchange thoughts with , so I hope to get some of your attention and have a discussion 😊

I think I might record few videos , on the day I feel the most talkative, as usually I’d prefer to mind my own stuff and not to overthink what’s going on on the deep dark side of our lives . There are certain days on which i feel like i want to dive deep and learn , on others i simply cry whenever I try to do so, and so it’s obvious I’d not do it then, yet I’d like to have a video to post on daily basis , so that trick might actually work 😆

Ps . I was bored before bed so I made this calendar

Down below if you’d like pdf to print it out x

So I wish you sweet and peaceful night 🌙 Till the next time my loves ❤️

Wait a minute….

Omg omg omg I totally forgot what I wanted to write about….

Wait a minute! I know now !

I started to learn video editing and also recording some YouTube videos , and I must say it’s so rewarding . I feel like new person now !

It is not easy but it brings me so much joy and peace . Im able to work on it for hours and Don get bored … that’s something new for me , I usually find everything else more important than actual task I worked on …

I will soon be back to writing everyday but for now I want to fully focus on videos and video editing and since now it takes me a lot of time , I’ll not pressure myself to do more than I actually can .

I hope everyone is staying safe 🙏

Love x H .

Believe in Magic 💫💕

How many times have you been doubtful about you ability to accomplish what you have always dreamt of . Stop right now . It’s time to move forward and trust in the unknown.

The unknown is scary for all of us . We want to know it all ,at all times . But if we don’t let the unknown do the job ,then how our dreams will come true ? . Sometimes we don’t even know how the thing we want can come to us . So just know and trust . Because there are ways ,you have never dreamt of . Let the opportunities come to you , be open to receive them at any time . Don’t think that only because it didn’t come in instant, it’s not working. Magic happens all around us and we are often blinded by the reality of our past manifestations. Give it time , give yourself time , be patient and just trust 🙏

Hope you will have a wonderful weekend 💕

Stay safe and healthy 💫

Honorata Czestochowska

Trust the process and never give up on yourself 💕💫