Resistance 🫂

Good afternoon 😊

Here comes another video , I really wish you a wonderful and peaceful day 😊

A lot has been going on in my life but all for the best .


Hello my dear fellow bloggers 💋

It has been few days since I actually posted anything other than ,video posts and I feel like I should be focusing a little bit more on blog posts itself and try to at least share , what I have been learning about, in the past weeks.

Sometimes I think , nothing can actually make me wonder and nothing can shock me .

And there comes something that shake everything I believed in . In a positive manner but still .

Video down below 😄 as I said I’ll do a whole month and so I will deliver for the sake of my own learning process and anyone who might find it useful 💫

Love and light ✨️

May 1st – First Video .

Hello beautiful 💫 as I promised I recorded a video , it is very short indeed but its the first one as since I really had no time to do more , I felt like I was taken by surprise that today is already May 1st.

Let me tell you something… times flies when you enjoy your life .


Tomorrow I’ll do my best to post longer one and actually to talk more about the things which are important for me and you hopefully. Xoxo

Girl pose 
Spiritual girl
Girl in black top
Blonde girl